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The Law Offices of Cliff Enten is a Denver firm that has been serving clients throughout the Colorado Front Range since 1992. The firm's areas of practice include representing victims of truck, car, motorcycle, hit-and-run, and drunk driving accidents. Members of the team are affiliated with the American Bar Association, American Association for Justice, and the Trial Lawyers Association. Attorneys at the firm have been listed in the Top 25 Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association.


Dormer Harping LLC is a law firm in Denver handling truck accident cases for clients in and around the metro area. The firm helps clients to understand their rights as it pertains to legal recourse and file lawsuits against negligent parties. As trucking accidents often result in significant damage, the firm commonly files lawsuits seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. It represents clients against opposing council as it pursues an appropriate settlement amount.


Allman, Mitzner, & Fawley LLC is a law firm in Denver assisting clients with legal recourse following involvement in truck and car accidents. It works to secure payment from negligent parties and does so by collecting evidence, documenting exchanges, and participating in negotiations as well as mediation in the pursuit of a mutually acceptable settlement amount. If mediation and arbitration fail to satisfy clients, the firm presents cases in court to receive a judgement.

Baumgartner Law LLC is located in Englewood but serves clients all throughout the Denver metro area. It assists clients who have been hurt in truck accidents with filing claims against negligent parties, seeking compensation for medical expenses and monetary losses. The firm helps with the collection of evidence and organizes documents in order to prepare a case. In standard cases it tries to settle for an amount the client deems acceptable before it is forced to conduct trial proceedings.

Beem & Isley PC is located in Denver and assists with truck accident litigation. The firm investigates accidents to determine the liability of all involved parties and files lawsuits on behalf of clients when evidence shows they are entitled to significant compensation. It is familiar with filing claims that seek payment for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and for intangible harms such as psychological trauma. The firm conducts negotiations as well as argues in court to recover as much money as possible for clients.

Bowman & Chamberlain LLC is a law firm in Denver representing clients involved in truck accidents. The firm structures lawsuits against responsible parties that seek compensation for costs associated with recovery and financial losses caused by the accident. It provides the services of a legal team that supports clients by managing the documentation and communication aspects of the case while protecting clients from risking the outcome of their lawsuit. In most cases the firm pursues settlement outside of court for the benefit of all parties.

Eddington Law is located in Denver and assists clients throughout the metro area with truck and traffic accident related lawsuits. The firm educates clients on their rights and helps them to prepare formal claims against parties considered responsible for the accident. It corresponds with insurance adjusters as well as attorneys for the accused in order to pursue a financial settlement. If unsuccessful with settlement, the firm will present the case in trial for a definitive judgement.

Higgins, Hopkins, McLain, & Roswell LLC is a law firm in Denver assisting clients with truck accident lawsuits. It works on behalf of clients who have been seriously impacted due to negligent drivers, trucking operations, or the actions of third parties such as manufacturers. The firm fights to recover compensation for its clients' medical costs and financial hardships, typically conducting negotiations with insurance adjusters and opposing council to receive the largest financial award possible.

Law Office of Jennifer Donaldson is located in Denver and assists clients with truck accident lawsuits. The firm argues on behalf of clients to receive as much compensation as possible to cover their medical bills, lost wages, and damaged property, and to reward them for physical and psychological suffering endured. It corresponds with insurance companies and legal council for opposing parties in order to protect the rights of clients and work toward appropriate settlements.

Law Office of Patricia M. Jarzobski PC is located in Denver and assists clients throughout the metro area with truck accident claims. The firm represents clients as they pursue financial restitution for their injuries, monetary losses, and general suffering. It gives negligent parties notice of the claims against them and negotiates with them as well as their insurers to receive the highest settlement that it can. If settlement is not offered, the firm may take cases to court for authoritative opinion.

Law Office of Steve Roberts is a Denver-based firm representing clients in truck accident lawsuits. The firm helps clients to hold negligent parties financially responsible for damage caused by their actions, be it serious injuries, property damage, or financial hardships caused by the loss of livelihood. It discusses claims with insurance adjusters and opposing council and tries to work out the issue via financial settlement, resorting to handle cases in court if negligent parties are uncooperative or still in dispute concerning appropriate compensation.

Law Offices of James L. Finegan PC serves the Denver metro area, representing clients involved in traffic accidents with large trucks. The firm helps them to pursue drivers, trucking companies, and other involved parties such as manufacturers for compensation related to their medical expenses and tangible as well as intangible damages. It typically attempts settlement by presenting evidence to opposing council and requesting a settlement considered proportional to harms caused. Other practice areas include product and premises liability claims.

Leventhal Sar LLC is a Denver-based firm providing legal representation to clients injured by trucking accidents. It guides clients through the litigation process and examines the evidence in order to help them decide how to proceed. In common cases it will claim demanding compensation for the costs of medical treatment and other losses caused by the accident such as automobile repair bills and wage replacement. If conversations with opposing council do not yield satisfactory outcomes the firm is prepared to argue cases in court.

MacKenzie Law Firm is located in Denver and helps clients file lawsuits related to truck accidents. The firm works to secure compensation from negligent parties to cover the costs of treatment, replace earnings lost due to the inability to work, and replace damaged property. It is also experienced with intangible damages such as emotional trauma. In standard cases the firm assesses evidence to determine the potential of a claim and petitions those responsible for the accident for an proportionally appropriate financial settlement.

Marathon Law is a Denver-based firm advocating for clients injured in truck and car accidents. Its attorneys work on behalf of clients to collect evidence, document treatments, and pursue those responsible for financial compensation proportional to the damage caused by their negligent actions. The firm acts as a liaison between clients and outside parties and fights on their behalf to collect the largest settlement that it can, resorting to trial proceedings if settlement is not offered or deemed acceptable.

Muhaisen & Muhaisen LLC has provided legal services in the Denver and Aurora areas since 2002. The firm represents victims of commercial truck and tractor trailer accidents who have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries. Attorneys examine all case evidence to build a strong defense and engage in aggressive negotiations with the insurance companies. Its legal team has also litigated personal injury claims in county and district courts. Attorney Muhaisen is a member of the American, Colorado, and Denver Bar Associations.

Since 1972, Silverman & Associates PC has provided legal services to clients in the greater Denver metro area. The firm handles personal injury and wrongful death claims involving commercial truck and semitruck accidents. Attorneys work with victims to calculate fair compensation that includes lost wages, medical costs, and pain and suffering. Its legal team works hard to negotiate favorable settlements but prepares the case for litigation if negotiations fail. Silverman & Associates also take business law and real estate cases.

The Fang Law Firm is a Denver-based law firm with more than a decade of experience. The firm focuses on personal injury law and accepts cases related to accidents, wrongful death, defective products, and catastrophic injuries. The firm's attorneys strive to protect each client's rights while helping them pursue compensation for the pain and suffering they experienced. Fang Law Firm provides free consultations and commits to winning its cases before charging legal fees.

The Geigle Law Firm LLC is a Denver-based practice assisting clients throughout the metro area who have been injured or financially impacted by truck, car, and motorcycle accidents. It helps clients to pursue compensation from negligent truck drivers, companies, manufacturers, and other third parties to cover expenses associated with physical and financial recovery. In common cases the firm petitions for a settlement and pursues resolution via trial proceedings when agreements with opposing parties cannot be reached.

Wheeler, Trigg, O'Donnel LLP is a law firm in Denver helping clients with truck accident litigation. The firm informs clients of their rights and helps them to explore options for litigation following serious or catastrophic injury caused by negligent trucking operations. It manages documents connected to the case and collects evidence on behalf of clients for use in negotiations, and, if necessary, in trial proceedings. In typical cases the firm tries to settle with negligent parties before fighting in court.

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