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5353 West Dartmouth Ave, Ste 504, Denver, CO 80227 Rating

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5.0 (9)

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Law Office Carl Miller is a multi-practice firm that serves individuals, small business owners, self-employed realtors, entrepreneurs, and large corporations in Aurora. It provides tax resolution services, including appeals filing, resolution negotiation, and Trust Fund Recovery Penalty representation. Carl Miller is a CPA-tax attorney with a Master of Laws Degree in Taxation. He started his legal career by working for one of the "Big Four" accounting tax group firms until he opened his own practice in 2015.

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Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Carl Miller - PrincipalActive16 yrs

1675 Broadway Suite 1875, Denver, CO 80202 Rating

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5.0 (10)
4.6 (9)

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Merriam Law Firm, P.C., is a practice dedicated to tax law serving individuals and businesses in Aurora and the surrounding communities. The law office offers litigation services on issues involving sales tax disputes, refund claims, criminal tax defense, Court of Claims cases, and the U.S. Tax Court of appeals. It also resolves IRS tax audits and innocent spouse matters. Theodore H. Merriam received the James E. Bye Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019 from the Denver Bar Association, Section of Taxation.

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Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Theodore Merriam - MemberActive46 yrs

1873 S Bellaire St, Denver, CO 80222 Rating

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4.1 (13)
4.2 (5)

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Michael M. Noyes assists individuals and businesses in Aurora in dealing with their tax matters. He discusses topics like the accuracy of liability assessments or the possibility of challenging the IRS and the Department of Revenue. Noyes determines ways to handle unpaid income taxes, unfiled returns, and levies or liens. He implements solutions like discharging taxes through a bankruptcy filing, offer in compromise, and penalty waiving negotiation. Noyes is also a CPA and an American Bankruptcy Board of Certification-certified consumer bankruptcy attorney.

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NameExpertise RatingAddressPromotionsLearn more
Law Office Carl Miller
5353 West Dartmouth Ave, Ste 504, Denver, CO 80227
Merriam Law Firm, P.C. Attorneys at Law
1675 Broadway Suite 1875, Denver, CO 80202
Michael M. Noyes
1873 S Bellaire St, Denver, CO 80222

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  • Where does the Tax Court hold trial sessions closest to Aurora, Colorado?

    The United States Tax Court holds sessions in Denver at Courtroom C502, Byron G. Rogers U.S. Courthouse, 1929 Stout Street (80294).

  • Where is the low-income taxpayer clinic that is closest to Aurora, Colorado?

    Colorado Legal Services, situated in Denver, serves as the nearest low-income taxpayer clinic to the city of Aurora.

  • What happens to Aurora residents who are found guilty of tax evasion?

    Aurora residents who are convicted of tax evasion or tax fraud may face a maximum prison term of five years, along with fines reaching up to $100,000. Engaging the services of a skilled tax attorney can safeguard the rights of taxpayers and facilitate the pursuit of an advantageous resolution to their tax evasion charges.

  • Can the IRS seize the personal or business assets of Aurora taxpayers with unpaid tax debts?

    Yes, the IRS has the power to confiscate the personal or business assets of Aurora residents with outstanding tax debts. It is worth emphasizing that before resorting to asset seizure, the IRS typically explores alternative methods of collection and ensures that taxpayers are given ample notifications and opportunities to address their tax liabilities.

  • Is it possible for an Aurora taxpayer to be incarcerated for failure to pay taxes?

    Aurora residents who fail to fulfill their tax obligations to the IRS can potentially be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison. Moreover, they may be subject to a penalty of one year of imprisonment for each year in which taxes were unpaid. While the IRS generally does not pursue criminal tax evasion cases, it is important to note that the consequences of such actions can be harsh.

  • How long does it take for an Aurora taxpayer’s Offer in Compromise request to be approved by the IRS?

    Typically, the IRS takes approximately six to 12 months to review and approve Offers in Compromise submitted by taxpayers in Aurora. In certain instances, the approval process may extend for 18 to 20 months. If the taxpayer's case is rejected and subsequently appealed, the duration will be further prolonged. Taxpayers often resort to filing Offers in Compromise due to various reasons, such as outstanding withholding taxes, extensive audits, or multiple years of unfiled tax returns.

  • What are the options available to Aurora residents who owe taxes that they cannot pay?

    Aurora residents who are unable to pay their taxes have access to several tax relief programs that they might qualify for. These programs encompass options such as tax settlements, penalty abatement, and installment agreements. Additionally, taxpayers may have the opportunity to apply for a Currently Not Collectible status, which temporarily halts collection efforts from the IRS.