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In8Love Wellness

11340 West Olympic Boulevard #138, Los Angeles, CA 90064
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Business Description

Established in 2007, In8Love Wellness offers chiropractic and general wellness services to Los Angeles-based clients. The company focuses on results that create long-term improvements to the overall wellness of its clients. Its services include general chiropractic care, pregnancy chiropractic care, and pain relief and wellness care. The company also offers products designed to improve living, including a posture noodle, a cervical denneroll, and a neck exerciser. Its founder, Tanya Reynolds, helps clients experiencing back pain, carpal tunnel, and scoliosis.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopath?

Both chiropractors and osteopaths use similar techniques when treating patients, including manual manipulation. However, while chiropractors are primarily focused on treating the spine, osteopaths offer treatments for other parts of the body, too. An osteopath can provide treatments for musculoskeletal problems and health concerns, such as colic, chronic fatigue, and sleep disorders.

Can chiropractors hurt you?

When a chiropractor performs spinal manipulation, it's not uncommon to feel some pain or discomfort in the days that follow. That can include headaches or residual pain in the spine or other treated areas. However, there are rare instances when chiropractic treatment can cause severe adverse effects, such as stroke or disc herniation.

What should I expect at the chiropractor?

At the first visit, chiropractors typically get information about patients' health history and any current pain or discomfort they're feeling. The chiropractor usually checks vital signs and reflexes and performs the patient's first adjustment. Depending on the patient's condition and complaints, they may also provide referrals for additional tests, determine a treatment schedule, or provide stretches and other home-based treatment options.

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