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Criminal Defense Attorneys FAQs

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Demidchik Law Firm logo

Demidchik Law Firm

3031 Tisch Way, Suite 300, San Jose, CA 95128
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  • Drug Crimes
  • Juvenile Crimes

The Demidchik Law Firm offers representation to clients in Sunnyvale. It defends individuals charged in criminal cases, such as domestic violence, drug crimes, credit card fraud, DUI, theft and robbery, and prostitution. The firm also handles various practice areas, including immigration, personal injury, family law, and real estate. Its legal team is available 24/7 to address clients' concerns. The members can communicate in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. Founding attorney, Anna Demidchik, is a member of the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

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Law Office of Diego F. MacWilliam logo

Law Office of Diego F. MacWilliam

1625 The Alameda Suite 800, San Jose, CA 95126
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The Law Office of Diego F. MacWilliam is a general litigation law firm working with the Sunnyvale community. The firm's primary areas of practice include criminal defense, and its team has over 20 years' experience defending individuals from allegations of drinking and driving, drug-related crimes, and sexual assault. The team also handles record sealing and expunging for eligible people. Founder Diego MacWilliam is a member of the California Public Defenders Association.

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Law Offices of Holden W. Green -  San Jose Office logo

Law Offices of Holden W. Green - San Jose Office

99 South Almaden Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95113
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The Law Offices of Holden W. Green caters to the residents of Sunnyvale that require criminal defense services. Green educates clients on any violations of their rights and advises them on subsequent legal actions, such as negotiations, court hearings, and jury verdict trials. He is a second-generation lawyer whose agency has been active for over 20 years. With client-focused service as his priority, Green has helped victims that were falsely accused of misdemeanors, felonies, and parole violations.

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Law Offices of Leila Vaez-Iravani logo

Law Offices of Leila Vaez-Iravani

1010 W Taylor Street, San Jose, CA 95126
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The Law Offices of Leila Vaez-Iravani offers criminal defense representation to individuals in Sunnyvale and nearby cities. It defends the rights of people facing criminal accusations and restraining orders. The firm provides assistance while taking various factors into account, such as family situation, financial constraints, and immigration status. Its staff informs clients about the developments of their cases. Founder Leila Vaez-Iravani has a background in molecular developmental biology. She is knowledgeable about DNA evidence, forensics, drug and toxicology reports, and medical reports.

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Roberts | Elliott Law Corp. logo

Roberts | Elliott Law Corp.

1798 Technology Drive, San Jose, CA 95110
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Established by James K Roberts and Kirk W Elliot, Roberts-Elliott Law Corp is a professional and licensed law firm that serves clients in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County, and nearby cities. It offers legal services and representation in criminal law, such as DUI felonies and misdemeanor cases, traffic violations, domestic violence, and abuse, as well as cases involving illegal substance use and possession. The firm's expertise enables them to provide guidance and oversight to attain the defendant's freedom or negotiate a plea bargain or settlement.

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Robles & Tantraphol, PLC logo

Robles & Tantraphol, PLC

228 Hamilton Ave Fl 3, Palo Alto, CA 94301
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Robles & Tantraphol PLC provides legal representation in Sunnyvale, California. The firm assists clients who have suffered personal injuries as a result of others' carelessness. Injuries could encompass physical pain and suffering, emotional duress, and financial hardship. Cases the firm takes in on include medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, and product and premises liability. Robles & Tantraphol also offers its services in civil cases involving business and contract disputes and in the criminal sector as defense attorneys.

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Sam J. Polverino Attorney at Law logo

Sam J. Polverino Attorney at Law

1565 The Alameda Suite 100, San Jose, CA 95126
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Sam J. Polverino, Attorney at Law, is a criminal defense law firm representing the residents of Sunnyvale and the surrounding communities. Attorney Polverino advocates for its clients during every step of the legal process, beginning with the arrest and continuing through the trial. It has experience with cases involving domestic violence, burglary, drug possession and distribution, and murder. Founder Sam Polverino has been recognized by Thomson Reuters, Best Lawyers, and Martindale-Hubbell.

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The Gordon Law Group logo

The Gordon Law Group

1885 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126
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The Gordon Law Group is a firm that offers representation to the accused in criminal defense proceedings in Sunnyvale and the surrounding areas. Its attorneys protect the defendants' constitutional rights and litigate various cases, such as felonies, DUI, drug crimes, white-collar crimes, juvenile crimes, and theft. One of the firm's lawyers, Jack Gordon, has been advocating for individuals' rights since 1993. During his law enforcement career, he served as president of the Deputy Sheriff's Association and a team leader of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team.

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The Law Offices of Jerry Fong logo

The Law Offices of Jerry Fong

885 North San Antonio Road, Los Altos, CA 94022
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The Law Offices of Jerry Fong advocate for the rights of criminal defendants in Sunnyvale. The firm offers legal representation in prosecutions and white-collar crime investigations, including cases that involve embezzlement, money laundering, conspiracy, copyright violations, and tax fraud. With nearly 30 years of experience in legal practice, Jerry Fong is a criminal defense lawyer who can deconstruct complex legal issues and present them in an understandable way. Fong also aggressively pushes creative motions and pleadings and handles mediations for his clients' benefits.

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The San Jose DUI Experts logo

The San Jose DUI Experts

111 North Market Street Suite 300, San Jose, CA 95113
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The San Jose DUI Experts is a criminal defense legal firm near Sunnyvale that primarily focuses its practice on drunk driving cases. The firm's attorneys use a variety of defenses to have the client's drunk driving charges dismissed, such as disputing the officer's reasoning for the stop, questioning the reliability of field sobriety testing, and challenging the legality of the arrest. They aim to protect the client from heavy fines, jail time, and loss of driving privileges.

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Vicuna Law logo

Vicuna Law

1376 North 4th Street, San Jose, CA 95112
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Established by Gerardo Vicuña, Vicuna Law is a professional and licensed law firm that serves clients in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Monterrey, and nearby cities. It offers legal services and representation in the field of criminal law such as DUI offenses, domestic violence, assault and battery cases, as well as cases involving illegal substance use and trafficking. Gerardo Vicuña's expertise in criminal law enables him to provide guidance and the potential outcomes of each case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are legal fees for criminal defense tax deductible?

A: Whether legal fees from a criminal case can be deducted on a tax return depends on the circumstances. If criminal charges pertain to activities related to a trade or business, attorney fees can be deducted on a business tax return, as they are considered an expense associated with the normal course of business. However, personal legal fees cannot be deducted.

Q: Why hire a criminal defense attorney?

A: Working with a criminal defense attorney is the best way to minimize the ramifications of committing or being accused of a crime. Criminal attorneys thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding a case to prove innocence or inspire reasonable doubt in a jury. Criminal defense lawyers also are better prepared to negotiate with the prosecutors. Due to the high cost and logistics involved with taking a case to trial, many prosecutors are willing to reduce sentences in exchange for avoiding a jury trial. An experienced criminal attorney understands what would be a reasonable deal for a specific criminal charge, and will negotiate it on behalf of the defendant.

Q: What if I can’t afford a criminal defense lawyer?

A: All Americans are afforded the right to hire an attorney to act as a defense in a legal case. However, not everyone can afford one. If an attorney isn’t in a defendant’s budget, and the defendant’s income meets designated state or local thresholds, the court system will provide a public defender. This attorney usually works on cases pro bono or without any fees paid by the defendant. Many public defenders have a high caseload, which can limit the amount of time they are able to devote to each case. In most situations, hiring a dedicated criminal defense lawyer ensures the best outcome. This is particularly true in more serious felony cases that can result in a significant prison sentence without the involvement of a skilled, experienced defense attorney.

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