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Afinastar hails from Stockton. The digital marketing and design agency works with new and established enterprises of all sizes and in every industry, as well as individuals in the arts and entertainment. It offers several services related to design, development, and video/audio production, including marketing clients using various popular and niche social media platforms. The agency offers a complete service, creating the content, identifying the best channels for the client's target audience, conducting research and analysis, and producing performance reports. Its designers can also create logos and branding materials for electronic and traditional media.

ATWENTY3 is a digital media studio that also offers print, video production, and social media management services. The Stockton-based agency works with all types of local businesses, and individuals, helping them realize their brand through various media channels. It has particular experience working with clients in real estate. ATWENTY3 can market its client's brand, products, or services through popular social media platforms, as well as creating the content, such as posts, blogs, and videos. It also manages the marketing campaign, providing research and analysis of its performance, and refining the content accordingly.

CRE8: Printing & Design is a Stockton-based company that offers traditional and digital services for clients throughout the metro area and beyond. It can provide branding and design services for small and midsized businesses in all industries. The company's services include marketing its client's brand and products through various social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It offers a flat monthly fee or annual subscription for services that include researching the market, developing content, such as posts and blogs, managing the social media marketing calendar, and producing performance reports.

DexDel was founded in 2009 to provide small and midsize businesses with web design and digital marketing services. The agency is based in Stockton, from where it works with new and established enterprises in industries as diverse as personal wellbeing, legal, and recruitment. Its marketing team focuses on promoting the client's brand on social media, using various popular platforms to generate interest in their services and products. The agency conducts research, plans the strategy, implements the marketing campaign, and provides monthly and weekly performance analysis reports. It can also arrange paid ad services on Facebook and Twitter.

Gator is a boutique social media marketing and management agency founded in 2013, relocating to Stockton in 2016, from where it works with clients as far south as Los Angeles. It typically works with retail sector clients, but it has also provided social media marketing services for large educational institutions. The agency specializes in creating posts and blogs, photos, and video content for Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp. It researches and analyses the performance of each campaign, provides clients with regular reports, and refines content to generate more leads and increase conversions.

Never Boring is a one-stop agency that houses marketers, graphic designers, web developers, videographers, amd other IT specialists. It's located in Stockton, from where its in-house teams work with metro area businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, to develop and promote their brand, service, or products through various channels. The agency's social media marketing team provides a range of services, such as determining the optimum channel for the client's business-type, creating content, from blogs and posts to graphic and videos, and managing the marketing campaign, as well as conducting research and delivering regular performance reports and analysis.

Since opening in 2011, Socially Now has specialized in providing social media marketing for small and midsize businesses throughout the California central valley from its studio in Stockton. It works across industries, counting insurance providers, traditional publishers, and careers' services among its clients. The agency can set up and maintain the client's entire social media network across all platforms, creating content and controlling its flow to maximize impact and the client's ROI. It offers three standard plans; basic, value, and premium, each offering varying degrees of content for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp.

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