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333 W Santa Clara St # 930, San Jose, CA 95113 Rating

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4.5 (13)
5.0 (1)

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Rocha & Schmidt is a San Jose-based firm that concentrates on workers’ compensation cases throughout Santa Clara County. Bob Rocha and Kelli Schmidt have 48 years of combined experience in assisting workers who are suffering from job-related injuries or illnesses. They guide clients through the process of filing workers' compensation claims and represent them at hearings and appeals. In addition to advocating for clients' rights to receive their full workers' comp benefits, the attorneys help them find proper medical care.

  • Workplace Injury

Attorney Information

Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Robert Rocha - PartnerActive50 yrs
Kelli Schmidt - PartnerActive24 yrs

1004 Willow Street, San Jose, CA 95125 Rating

Review Sources

4.0 (5)

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The Law Offices of Nooshin Dalili is a law firm serving the people of Santa Clara. The firm has assisted clients in navigating the workers' compensation and Social Security disability systems. It guides clients through the claims process and can prepare the necessary documentation for a case. If a previously submitted claim has been denied, the firm can also assist in filing an appeal. Founding attorney Nooshin Dalili is fluent in Persian. His practice was founded in 2005.

  • Workplace Injury

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Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Nooshin Dalili - PrincipalActive19 yrs

1210 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126 Rating

Review Sources

4.0 (4)

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The Carlo Law Group serves clients in Santa Clara and its neighboring metros. Its attorneys provide legal services related to workers' compensation claims in the event of injuries caused by work-related accidents and unhealthy working conditions. Among the group of workers that they have served include firefighters, police officers, and correctional workers. They have experience handling claims and matters pertaining to permanent disability, vocational retraining, temporary total disability, medical care, as well as SSDI filing. The Carlo Law Group was founded in 1999.

  • Workplace Injury

Attorney Information

Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Christopher Carlo - PrincipalActive30 yrs

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Rocha & Schmidt
333 W Santa Clara St # 930, San Jose, CA 95113
SJ Work Injury Lawyer
1004 Willow Street, San Jose, CA 95125
The Carlo Law Group
1210 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126

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  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Santa Clara, California?

    408-615-5580 is the non-emergency dispatch line of the local police station in Santa Clara.

  • What should you do if your workers' comp claim is denied in Santa Clara?

    If your claim for workers' compensation is denied in Santa Clara, you may contest by applying for an adjudication of the claim. A workers' compensation administrative law judge will hear the case and give a decision. If you disagree with the ruling, you may file an appeal with the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board.

  • Will you have to pay your workers' compensation attorney out of your own pocket in Santa Clara?

    No, you won't have to pay your attorney out of your pocket in Santa Clara. The insurance company will pay your attorney directly after your case. Workers’ compensation lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. If they win your case, their fees will come from the workers' compensation benefits awarded to you. The fees paid to lawyers are typically 15 percent of the permanent disability benefit awarded.

  • Can your employer assign you light-duty work while you recover from an injury in Santa Clara?

    It's possible for your employer in Santa Clara to give you light-duty work while you recuperate from an injury, but there are conditions attached. The work must be for at least one year, conform to your medical limitations, and pay you a minimum of 85% of your previous salary. It may be advisable to accept this work, but you have the right to turn down assignments beyond your work restrictions.

  • Is it possible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits if you sustained injuries while commuting to work in Santa Clara?

    In Santa Clara, getting workers’ compensation benefits after being injured during your commute is not possible. However, you may be eligible if you were hurt while traveling between job sites or doing a work-related errand. It will depend on the specific facts of your case and require substantial evidence to prove your claim. A workers’ compensation attorney can assist you in gathering and presenting evidence to support your benefit claim.

  • What is the deadline to file a workers' compensation claim in Santa Clara?

    Santa Clara's filing deadline for workers' compensation claims is determined by two critical dates. Firstly, you have 30 days to inform your employer about the injury or illness. Secondly, the statute of limitations for claim filing is one year from the date you become aware of the illness or injury. There are exceptions to the statute of limitations rule, including minors, delayed symptom detection, failure to provide the DWC-1 form, or if the insurance carrier provides healthcare.