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Pest Control Services FAQs

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Business Description

Attic Pros provides rodent control and removal services to homeowners in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. The company specializes in attic cleaning, decontamination, and cleanup to keep the space dry and free of unwanted rodents. Its services include removing dead rodents and their droppings, rodent-proofing the attic to prevent rat re-entry, and rodent control. Attic Pros also provides other property maintenance solutions, such as attic insulation removal, French drain and sump pump installation, crawl space cleaning, and basement waterproofing.


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Attic Pros

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting pest control?

Pest control is worth the expense because it helps homeowners maintain safe and healthy homes. In some cases, it can also protect the home from damage, such as when rats chew into electrical wires and cause fires or termites undermine a home’s foundation.

How long do you have to stay out of your house after pest control?

Although the pest control technician should give specific instructions for how long to stay out of the home following treatments, a good rule of thumb is two to four hours. However, it may be as much as 24 hours for certain types of approaches.

How often should pest control be done?

Some pest control is performed on a one-off basis where the problem is taken care of in one treatment. Other types of infestations may require multiple treatments over the course of many months or longer. Multiple visits by the pest control technician may be necessary for fleas, termites, earwigs, silverfish, and roaches.

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