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We scored 373 Water Damage Restoration Services in San Diego, CA and Picked the Top 34


Best Water Damage
Restoration Companies
in San Diego

Certified Restoration FEATURED Expertise

Certified Restoration is a water damage company in San Diego with 24/7 emergency restoration services available. Its technicians use an assortment of specialized tools to facilitate the dry out process including dehumidifiers, heat lamps, air blowers, air mats for wood floors, and infrared cameras. This company offers in-depth sewage cleanup services in cases involving black water and performs a thorough sanitation and deodorization process to mitigate health risks and aftereffects. Mold remediation services are also available.

3275 Market St Ste 102, San Diego, CA 92102


cover image of Abbotts Fire and Flood San Diego  water-damage/2.jpg

Abbotts Fire and Flood San Diego FEATURED Expertise

Abbotts Fire & Flood is a family-owned and operated damage restoration company in San Diego that can trace its history back to 1991. Its team offers a variety of services designed to lower the amount of damage done to buildings by water and repair the damage that has been done. The technicians handle leak detection, water and moisture removal, and building restoration. They also restore properties that were damaged by fire, smoke, and mold.

1199 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92101


cover image of 24/7 Thuro-Dry Flood Services  water-damage/3.jpg

24/7 Thuro-Dry Flood Services

ThuroDry, a San Diego business that began serving local customers in 1983, is a provider of water removal, water mitigation, and water damage restoration services. ThuroDry is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the Indoor Air Quality Association, and The Clean Trust. Its staff is licensed, bonded, and insured.

San Diego, CA 92111


cover image of 911 Attic Services  water-damage/4.jpg

911 Attic Services

911 Attic Services is a cleaning company in San Diego that also offers water damage restoration. The company is available 24/7 to help home and business owners in the area with flooding caused by ruptured pipes or faulty appliances. Its team inspects the building to locate problem spots, removes standing water and moisture in the walls, and dries the affected areas. The team also treats the property for mold and repairs damaged aspects of the building.

4178 Sorrento Valley Blvd Ste F, San Diego, CA 92121


cover image of 911 Restoration of San Diego  water-damage/1.jpg

911 Restoration of San Diego

Since 1978, 911 Restoration has offered homes and businesses 24/7 emergency fire, mold, and water damage restoration in San Diego. After a burst pipe, flood, or sewage backup has occurred, the trained technicians quickly extract water from the property and completely dry the structure using dehumidifiers and fans. They handle the removal of black mold by employing air scrubbers and cleaning affected areas with antimicrobial solutions. 911 Restoration also cleans soot and smoke from the premises after a fire.

4174 Sorrento Valley Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121


cover image of Absolute Plumbing  water-damage/2.jpg

Absolute Plumbing

Opened in 2006, Absolute Plumbing provides residential and commercial customers with an extensive range of services, including restoring properties affected by flooding. It works with all major insurance companies and operates a 24/7 response service that gets technicians on-site within 60 minutes of the call. It uses state-of-the-art pumps and vacuums to remove most of the water and dehumidifiers to extract remaining moisture from the structure and fabrics. The company also investigates unknown slab, drain, and gas leaks.

3662 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103


cover image of Bill Howe  water-damage/3.jpg

Bill Howe

Bill Howe is a plumbing company that offers services for water damage repair in San Diego and throughout the surrounding metro area. While it is experienced with all manner of water damage scenarios, it is especially prepared for mitigation operations that involve pipe leaks and other infrastructural defects. Its technicians clean all categories of water, including black water, and perform sanitation techniques to complete the restoration process following water extraction and structural drying.

9085 Aero Dr Ste B, San Diego, CA 92123


cover image of Clean Earth Restorations  water-damage/4.jpg

Clean Earth Restorations

Clean Earth Restorations opened in 1994. Since then, it's restored hundreds of water-damaged properties to their pre-crisis condition. The family-owned business is ready all day, every day, to respond to every type of clean and contaminated water emergency, arriving within one hour of the call. It uses a combination of industrial pumps and vacuums to extract water, air blowers and dehumidifiers to draw out the moisture, and electronic equipment to control the process and allow the property to settle naturally.

1282 Fayette St, El Cajon, CA 92020


cover image of D-Mac Restoration, Inc  water-damage/1.jpg

D-Mac Restoration, Inc

Homes and businesses in need of water damage restoration in San Diego could benefit from the experience of D-Mac Restoration Inc. The proudly independent local company has been serving the metro area for over 24 years. It's restored properties suffering from minor and extensive damage caused by clean and contaminated water. Its technicians are on-call 24/7 and respond to emergencies within the hour. They use a combination of pumps and electronic equipment to extract water and safely dry out properties.

8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Ste 138, San Diego, CA 92111


cover image of Dry Express Restoration  water-damage/2.jpg

Dry Express Restoration

For more than a decade, Dry Express Restoration has provided water damage restoration services to residential and commercial customers in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Its team of technicians assists those whose property has sustained damage from a broken water line, leaking roof, overflowing toilet, or natural flooding. Dry Express Restoration reduces further damage by drying and dehumidifying drywall, furniture, carpets, and hardwood flooring. The company is available 24/7.

7973 North Ave, San Diego, CA 91945


cover image of DryHome  water-damage/3.jpg


DryHome is a water damage cleanup and restoration company serving the community of San Diego. The company offers 24/7 emergency services to reduce the damage water does to its clients' homes and businesses. Its team handles water removal, moisture level testing and lowering, and drying of the client's personal belongings, as well as their property's structure. The team has additional experience with biohazard cleanup, smoke damage restoration, and mold treatment.

302 Washington St Ste 136, San Diego, CA 92103


cover image of EcoPure Restoration  water-damage/4.jpg

EcoPure Restoration

EcoPure Restoration has been serving the San Diego area since its founding in 2013. The company offers flood, fire, water, and mold restoration and remediation services, and guarantees a response to all 24-hour emergency calls within 45 minutes. Reconstruction services, in which homes and businesses are rebuilt after they have been damaged by disasters, are also available. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and very positively reviewed by previous customers.

San Diego, CA 92123


cover image of Emory Plumbing  water-damage/1.jpg

Emory Plumbing

Founded in 1944, Emory Plumbing offers traditional services and also serves as a water damage company in San Diego and nearby areas. Its 24/7 phone line is staffed by real people ready to immediately dispatch its trained teams to flood-damaged homes and businesses. The licensed and insured company has the equipment to deal with all types and levels of water damage, including biohazards. It uses a variety of industry-leading pumps, dehumidifiers, and family-friendly products to restore properties to their original condition.

2085 Hotel Cir S, San Diego, CA 92108


cover image of Flood Busters  water-damage/2.jpg

Flood Busters

Flood Busters is a water damage restoration company serving residential and commercial clients in the San Diego area. The company has been in operation since 1988, and its team inspects clients' properties for the most damaged areas, extracts stillwater and moisture from the walls, and treats the area to prevent and remove mold. The team also assists clients with filing for insurance claims. Additional services include deodorization and fire damage restoration.

9943 Prospect Ave, Santee, CA 92071


cover image of Flood Med Restoration, Inc  water-damage/3.jpg

Flood Med Restoration, Inc

Flood Med Restoration, Inc is a water damage and mold remediation contracting company based in Carlsbad and serving the San Diego metro area. The company offers 24/7 emergency response services and a variety of repair and remediation techniques, including water removal, structural drying, contents removal, plumbing repairs, leak detection, lead and asbestos abatement, and mold inspections and removal. Mold removal is carried out within one day, and free estimates are available.

Carlsbad, CA 92008


cover image of Gold Coast Flood Restorations  water-damage/4.jpg

Gold Coast Flood Restorations

Gold Coast Flood Restorations provides 24/7 emergency services for clients who need water damage restoration in San Diego or nearby areas. It uses an emergency mitigation team to extract water left behind by natural disasters and plumbing failures. This team ensures that buildings are made completely dry and are free of pathogens introduced via black water or that proliferate due to humidity levels. Once extraction is completed, Gold Coast Flood Restorations performs in-depth mold prevention and remediation services.

cover image of Imperial Carpet Care  water-damage/1.jpg

Imperial Carpet Care

Imperial Carpet Care is a family-owned and operated cleaning company located in San Diego that was founded in 2006. The company's technicians have experience with flooding caused by broken appliances, burst or leaky pipes, and heavy rain. They inspect the property to find problem spots, extract the water and moisture, and dry the walls and flooring to reduce the risk of structural damage. The technicians also clean carpets, tiles, and furniture.

3535 Enterprise St, San Diego, CA 92110


cover image of Integrity Restoration  water-damage/2.jpg

Integrity Restoration

Integrity Restoration has been doing business in the San Diego area for more than two decades. The company offers both home remodeling and damage restoration services, specializing in fire and water damage. The company is Better Business Bureau-accredited and has won eight Golden Hammer awards from Contractor Connection. All remodeling and restoration work performed by the company is backed by a five-year warranty.

San Diego, CA 92117


cover image of Mission Water Damage Restoration  water-damage/3.jpg

Mission Water Damage Restoration

Mission Water Damage Restoration provides first-rate flood damage recovery and cleanup, fire and smoke restoration and clean-up services, and plumbing solutions for households and professional properties in all of San Diego. Their locally-based, highly-competent water damage restoration experts have years of education and offer practical know-how backed up by industry experience, making them more than capable of providing customers with high-quality flood damage cleanup solutions and services.

San Diego, CA 92064


cover image of Monster Steamer  water-damage/4.jpg

Monster Steamer

Monster Steamer is a cleaning and water damage restoration company that has been serving the people of San Diego since 2010. The company's client base consists of both home and business owners, and its team offers services to reduce the amount of damage caused by flooding. The team handles water extraction, dehumidification and moisture removal, and mold prevention. Monster Steamer also offers assistance with carpet, tile and grout, and furniture cleaning.

3780 Swift Ave Unit 15, San Diego, CA 92104


cover image of Orange Restoration San Diego  water-damage/1.jpg

Orange Restoration San Diego

Orange Restoration San Diego is based in San Diego and provides water, mold, and fire damage restoration services throughout the surrounding area. The company has won Super Service Awards from Angie's List and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, among several other professional certifications. Emergency services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the company offers free estimates over the phone. The company's phones are always answered by a real person.

San Diego, CA 92111


cover image of Pacific Flood Restoration  water-damage/2.jpg

Pacific Flood Restoration

Pacific Flood Restoration is based in Encinitas and serves customers throughout San Diego County. The company is Clean Trust certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Emergency services are available 24/7 and all work is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. In addition to flood restoration, the company also offers mold removal and fire restoration services. Non-emergency visits can be scheduled using an online form.

Encinitas, CA 92024


cover image of Same Day Carpet Care  water-damage/3.jpg

Same Day Carpet Care

Same Day Carpet Care is a water damage company in San Diego. It handles water damage restoration jobs using a seven-step process that includes in-depth site inspection for emergency incidents and ongoing issues, an extraction process to facilitate thorough water removal, protective measures to mitigate damage to exposed structural elements, and a comprehensive drying process that dehumidifies the air and helps to prevent mold infestation. Same Day Carpet Care completes the process by assisting clients with insurance claims and repairing or replacing compromised drywall.

12707 High Bluff Dr Ste 200, San Diego, CA 92130


cover image of Same Day Restoration  water-damage/4.jpg

Same Day Restoration

Same Day Restoration is a family-owned and operated water damage restoration company that has been serving the San Diego community since 2007. The company has experience with flooding caused by burst or frozen pipes, overflowing sinks and toilets, and damaged appliances. Its team located the source of the leak, removes the water, dries the affected areas, and restores the clients' personal belongings. The team also treats the area to prevent and remove mold.

3908 Del Mar Gln, San Diego, CA 92130


cover image of San Diego Flood Restoration  water-damage/1.jpg

San Diego Flood Restoration

San Diego Flood Restoration is based in San Diego and has been serving business, residential, and municipal customers for nearly 12 years. The company offers a wide selection of services related to water and fire damage cleanup and restoration. San Diego Flood Restoration also does leak detection, mold remediation, emergency board-ups and tree collapse. Emergency Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Non-emergency services can be scheduled by filling out a form on the company's website. San Diego Flood Restoration is involved with numerous community organizations, including the Rotary Club, and Radys Hospital and the Schools Foundation.

Coronado, CA 92118


cover image of San Diego Flood Restoration Inc  water-damage/2.jpg

San Diego Flood Restoration Inc

San Diego Flood Restoration Inc. does what it says, restoring homes and businesses across the metro area that have been damaged by floodwater. Its trained professionals are ready 24/7/365 to handle water emergencies of all sizes, from toilet backflows to storm damage. They usually arrive within 60 minutes. The licensed and insured company's services also include sanitizing the affected areas, using HEPA air filtration systems to restore air quality, and dealing with mold and asbestos issues.

826 Orange Ave # 485, Coronado, CA 92118


cover image of San Diego Water Damage & Remediation Services  water-damage/3.jpg

San Diego Water Damage & Remediation Services

San Diego Water Damage & Remediation Services offers solutions for properties affected by flooding and sewage backup. Its services include water extraction, structural drying, mold removal, and fire damage repair. The technicians are trained in the use of the latest technology in water damage restoration, including thermal imaging cameras, dry ice blast equipment, and propane heat dryers. The company is available for emergency water and sewage cleanup on a 24/7 basis.

7850 North Ave, San Diego, CA 91945


cover image of San Diego Water Damage Repair Experts  water-damage/4.jpg

San Diego Water Damage Repair Experts

San Diego Water Damage Repair Experts is located in La Jolla and serves the greater San Diego metro area. The company focuses on repairing water damage without resorting to demolition, using advanced drying methods that affect the surrounding property as little as possible. Available services include flood cleanup, mold inspection and remediation, sewage damage repair and backup clearing, mildew drying, and fire and smoke damage repair. The company is available 24/7 and offers a 45-minute response time on all service calls.

La Jolla, CA 92037


cover image of SoCal Steam Clean  water-damage/1.jpg

SoCal Steam Clean

SoCal Steam Clean provides services for water damage repair in San Diego as well as nearby areas throughout the metro. This provider creates customized water restoration plans to ensure that targeted efforts are being taken to restore buildings back to their core functionality and mitigate damage to structures, surfaces, and contents. Since SoCal Steam Clean has extensive experience in restoring carpet and other fabric-based materials it is especially prepared to address cleaning and sanitation issues involving dirty or contaminated water sources.

cover image of Super Dry San Diego Flood Restoration  water-damage/2.jpg

Super Dry San Diego Flood Restoration

Super Dry San Diego is a water damage restoration in San Diego. It offers 24/7 emergency response service to assist clients whose homes or businesses have been flooded. The company's cleanup teams deal with water damage caused by sewage backups, broken pipes, storm damage, and leaking appliances. The staff is trained to remove, restore, remodel, and replace any items that have been damaged. Additionally, Super Dry San Diego can help with fire restoration and mold removal.

10801 Vista Sorrento Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92121


cover image of Superior Cleaning & Restoration  water-damage/3.jpg

Superior Cleaning & Restoration

Superior Cleaning & Restoration has locations across Southern California, providing homes and businesses with comprehensive water and fire damage restoration services, such as cleaning salvageable contents and rebuilding unsafe structures. Its trained technicians have the skills, equipment, and experience to handle every grade of wastewater, including sewage water. The company offers 24/7 phone and email support and takes on big and small projects. It also offers a mold remediation service.

7514 Girard Ave Ste 1, La Jolla, CA 92037


cover image of TNT Carpet Care  water-damage/4.jpg

TNT Carpet Care

TNT Carpet Care serves the San Diego metro area, offering water damage restoration with its traditional services since opening in 2005. Its qualified professionals are well-versed in dealing with the biological issues that come with most floods, ensuring that each project isn't complete until their pumps, dehumidifiers, and electronic equipment have removed all scum and bacteria from the home or business's structure, carpets, and upholstery. The firm only uses pet and family-friendly products and offers a mold remediation service.

103 Vista Way, El Cajon, CA 92021


cover image of TSC Restoration, Inc.  water-damage/1.jpg

TSC Restoration, Inc.

TSC Restoration Inc. provides water damage restoration services to clients with residential and commercial buildings. It retains a 24/7 emergency water mitigation team that is prepared to quickly remove and extract water from spaces to decrease the impact of flooding and high humidity on structures and valuable items. It manages cleanup operations to ensure that affected areas are completely dry and inhospitable to potential mold infestations. TSC Restoration Inc. also provides comprehensive mold remediation services with special options for commercial buildings.

930 Fesler St, El Cajon, CA 92020


cover image of Vista Flood Restoration Inc  water-damage/2.jpg

Vista Flood Restoration Inc

Vista Flood Restoration Inc. handles water damage repair in San Diego and the surrounding counties. The business offers 24/7 emergency service for water cleanup. It provides water removal and drying, carpet and floor cleaning and replacement, wall cleaning and restoration, electrical repair and replacement, and mold treatment. Technicians use leak detection and thermal imaging to ensure all leaks are found. Additionally, Vista Flood Restoration provides fire damage restoration services.

10531 4S Commons Dr Ste 463, San Diego, CA 92127


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