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8 Best San Diego Credit Repair Companies

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bSquared Credit is a female-owned, San Diego-based credit repair and consulting company. As Owner and Chief Operating Officer at bSquared Credit, helping clients achieve financial freedom is the core of Nicole Soares and her team's everyday goal. She and her team of credit experts are responsible for educating each of bSquared Credit’s credit-challenged consumers, providing credit repair, student loan services, and coaching to help them improve their scores and qualify for their desired loans at the best possible rate. Nicole’s 30+ years in financial services have taught her that no two stories are the same, and no one-size-fits-all plan will help every client, so she and her team specialize in creating unique, individual solutions for each client they serve. As a result, after eight years in the business, bSquared Credit maintains an industry-leading 99% customer satisfaction rate – unprecedented and unmatched by its competitors. Her holistic understanding of the industry and comprehensive understanding of predictive analytics for credit and fraud scoring makes her the ideal ally for anyone looking to regain control of their credit and financial future. Wherever your starting point is, Nicole and her team are here to demystify the process and get your credit scores up where it belongs - working in your favor and helping you achieve success. With her expert guidance, your entire financial future can be restructured in just a few months, empowering you to take the next steps toward your future with bold confidence and a credit score to match it.

Debt Relief Network is a credit repair company that has served San Diego since 2001. The company provides personalized, practical credit repair solutions based on research for individuals facing financial challenges. Its credit counseling specialists help clients repair their credit by cleaning up their reports and removing false items from their records. They advocate on their clients' behalf with major credit bureaus to minimize mistakes and solve disputes. Debt Relief Network also teaches clients how to better manage their money through financial education and debt relief support in one-on-one consultations.

ERA Credit Services is an independent Agency, representing a nonprofit organization, and has offered credit repair services in the greater San Diego area since 2012. The company removes erroneous information from credit reports to improve credit scores. Its services also help individuals access credit builder loans and secured credit cards. ERA Credit Services also ensures that rent payments are reflected on credit reports for improved credit standings. The company facilitates access to comprehensive credit repair business training and mentorship programs, customized business websites. Other services include customer and agent support and online customer reporting solutions.

Fix Your Credit Consulting has been serving San Diego and its surroundings since 2003. The credit specialists conduct comprehensive evaluations for all three credit reports and repair the credit score by assisting in the removal of unverifiable, erroneous, and inaccurate items. The credit score improvement process also involves challenging bankruptcies, charge-off accounts linked to student loans, tax liabilities, and judgments. The credit professionals on staff develop personalized plans depending on the client's credit needs to help them in restoring their credit scores. They also assist in creating effective student loan repayment programs. Fix Your Credit Consulting has 24/7 credit monitoring resources to help clients track their credit activity with ease.

My Big Debt provides credit repair services in San Diego. Its debt settlement program assists clients in negotiating a payment arrangement that works for them. The company's experts use debt consolidation to eliminate multiple creditors, reduce interest and monthly installments, and avoid late payments. It has a credit counseling program that assists individual debtors with debt settlement and the elimination of excess fees through education and budgeting tools. My Big Debt helps individuals file for bankruptcy as a final resort for debt relief. It also provides reading materials to educate clients on sound credit management practices.

Pacific Debt Inc. is a debt relief company in San Diego that has helped individuals struggling with credit and debt issues since 2002. The company offers a national debt relief program and personalized service to get out of debt as soon as possible, with no upfront fees. Its debt relief specialists negotiate with creditors and collection agents to settle past due unsecured debts. They also provide financial education services to walk clients through the process of becoming debt-free and taking care of their credit. The company was named one of the best debt settlement companies of 2020 by U.S. News and World Report.

San Diego Credit Solutions is a credit repair company in San Diego that helps individuals recover from financial hardship. The company pulls credit reports from the three credit bureaus and looks for any collection accounts that claim their client still owes money. Its professional negotiator contacts creditors to have negative items removed and make sure all accounts show a zero balance. It pulls a new set of credit reports to ensure that they are accurate and updated. Using proven techniques, San Diego Credit Solutions also teaches clients how to stop incurring additional derogatory items.

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