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106 Central Avenue, Salinas, CA 93901 Rating

Why choose this provider?

The Law Office of Michelle Noble McCain serves non-profits, corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and families in the Salinas community. It offers legal assistance and court representation for business, estate, gift, sales, and property tax matters. Michelle Noble McCain takes the time to educate clients on their taxation and the tax implications of transactions, such as entity formations and real estate purchases. She is also a local business owner and has been practicing law since 1987. She is a member of the Salinas Valley Business Woman's Network.

  • Tax Defense

750 B Street, Suite 2610, Salinas, CA 92101 Rating

Review Sources

4.1 (20)
2.6 (5)

Why choose this provider?

Allen Barron, Inc., helps individuals, business owners, and organizations in and around the Salinas area who have tax-related concerns. Its team provides advice on local, state, federal, and international tax strategies to assist clients with their financial decisions. The legal team represents taxpayers in IRS audits, collections, and trust fund penalties and disputes, as well as tax return preparation, garnishments, levies, and liens. Partners Janathan L. Allen and Richard C. Baron established the firm in 1995.

  • Tax Defense

2033 Gateway Place, 5th Floor, San Jose, CA 95110 Rating

Review Sources

4.7 (28)
5.0 (3)

Why choose this provider?

Kennedy Tax Solutions provides guidance, advice, and representation to individual taxpayers and business owners in the Salinas metro and the surrounding areas. Its services include tax audit defense, resolution, appeals, negotiating settlements, eliminating debt or bankruptcy, and preparing unfiled tax returns. Principal Dale R. Kennedy is an IRS tax attorney and a CPA. He has been addressing difficult tax issues for more than 30 years and is admitted to practice federal tax law in all 50 states.

  • Tax Defense
  • Criminal Tax Audit

1418 South Main Street, Suite 203, Salinas, CA 93908

Why choose this provider?

Ottone & Leach LLP caters to businesses, non-profits, public districts, and families in Salinas. It offers legal advice and representation for taxation matters concerning capital gains, estates and gifts, real and personal properties, as well as tax planning and tax-deferred exchanges. The firm's attorneys, Matthew W. Ottone and Anne C. Leach, are both Salinas natives and active members of the community. Ottone serves on the Monterey County Planning Commission, and Leach was honored with the Salinas Rotary Club's Compass Award for 2021.

  • Tax Defense

40 Central Ave., Salinas, CA 93901 Rating

Review Sources

4.9 (36)
5.0 (29)
5.0 (8)

Why choose this provider?

The Law Offices of William V. Pernik provides legal assistance to clients in Salinas. It defends the rights of individuals facing tax evasion charges, helping them avoid penalties, fines, and loss of liberty. The law firm handles a range of white-collar crime cases involving credit card fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering. William V. Pernik, the firm's founder, has obtained acquittals in complex felony cases while serving in the public defender offices of Tulare and Monterey counties.

  • Tax Defense

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The Law Office of Michelle Noble McCain
106 Central Avenue, Salinas, CA 93901
Allen Barron Inc.
750 B Street, Suite 2610, Salinas, CA 92101
Kennedy Tax Solutions
2033 Gateway Place, 5th Floor, San Jose, CA 95110
Ottone & Leach LLP
1418 South Main Street, Suite 203, Salinas, CA 93908
Law Offices of William V. Pernik
40 Central Ave., Salinas, CA 93901

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  • Where does the Tax Court hold trial sessions closest to Salinas, California?

    The Tax Court holds trial sessions for Salinas tax cases in San Francisco. The office is located in Rooms 2-1408 Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse 450 Golden Gate Avenue.

  • Where is the low-income taxpayer clinic that is closest to Salinas, California?

    The nearest low-income taxpayer clinic in Salinas is the Bet Tzedek Legal Services Tax Clinic in Los Angeles. You may call 323-939-0506 for assistance.

  • Can tax penalties and interest in Salinas be compromised under an offer?

    Yes. Under an offer, tax penalties and interest in Salinas can be reduced. When creating and submitting an offer, you must include all owed taxes, as well as any penalties and interest. If your main concern is the penalty, you may want to consider an abatement, especially if you have reasonable grounds to waive the penalty.

  • In Salinas, what are the penalties for failing to disclose your offshore financial accounts and foreign entities?

    You may face severe criminal and civil penalties if you do not disclose your offshore financial accounts and foreign entities in Salinas. The IRS conducts investigations to determine whether individuals and businesses file accurate tax returns. Additional fraud-related penalties are also assessed. Penalties and interest may exceed the actual value of nondisclosed assets, so it is critical for taxpayers to file accurate tax returns.

  • How do you request an installment agreement in Salinas?

    Individuals and businesses in Salinas with tax debt may request an installment agreement if they are unable to pay in full. They must file a 9565 tax form in order to request an installment agreement. The IRS has one month to respond, and if it agrees to the taxpayers' terms, individuals and businesses must submit special requirements to process the agreement.

  • Does the IRS stop collecting your back taxes if you file an appeal in Salinas tax court?

    No. Even if you have filed an appeal in the Salinas tax court, you cannot prevent the IRS from collecting your unpaid taxes. Taxpayers who want to avoid paying taxes must post a bond under Internal Revenue Code Section 7485. If a taxpayer is unable to pay the tax in full, they may work with an attorney to negotiate an installment payment agreement.

  • What are the penalties for tax crimes in Salinas?

    Individuals and businesses in Salinas may be charged with tax evasion or fraud. If the IRS proves that they filed a false tax return and documents, did not collect employment taxes, and overstated the amount of tax deductions, they can be sued. Criminal tax fraud carries severe penalties. Guilty parties could face up to five years in prison and fines of up to $500,000.