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99 Pacific Street, Monterey, CA 93940 Rating

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5.0 (7)
4.3 (6)
5.0 (3)

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California Workplace Law serves clients throughout the Salinas metro area, providing them with comprehensive services when they need to file lawsuits against employers for workplace violations. This firm actively assists clients with several kinds of claims including discrimination, pay issues, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment. California Workplace Law also works to protect clients from retaliation by employers due to reporting violations or acting as a whistleblower. Clients can recruit this firm to perform workplace investigations as well.

  • Unemployment
  • Whistleblower
  • Discrimination

Attorney Information

Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Elisabeth Debartolo - PrincipalActive21 yrs

3 Williams Road, Salinas, CA 93905 Rating

Review Sources

4.0 (25)

Why choose this provider?

California Rural Legal Assistance Inc. is a nonprofit law firm that provides clients in Salinas with legal representation. It can handle cases dealing with employment matters, such as unpaid wages and overtime, discrimination, workplace harassment, and health and safety rights. In addition, the firm hosts programs that educate and train local communities on how to prevent workplace sexual harassment and support survivors of sexual assault. Its repertoire of legal advocacies includes restoring $20 million in funding for health care services for poor women.

  • Discrimination

Attorney Information

Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Jose Padilla - Executive DirectorActive45 yrs

2801 Monterey Salinas Highway, Monterey, CA 93940 Rating

Why choose this provider?

Fenton & Keller, Attorneys at Law offers the services of employment lawyers near Salinas. This firm serves businesses primarily and has been active for more than 65 years. It advises clients on a variety of matters as they resolve disputes about wages, medical or family leave, discrimination, and workplace privacy issues. Fenton & Keller, Attorneys at Law can investigate accusations of sexual harassment for clients and help to structure settlement agreements when advantageous. Business law and civil litigation services are also available.

  • Discrimination

Attorney Information

Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
Christopher Panetta - ShareholderActive30 yrs

501 San Benito Street, Hollister, CA 95023 Rating

Review Sources

4.0 (31)

Why choose this provider?

Polaris Law Group is a law firm that caters to clients in Salinas. Its principal lawyer, Bill Marder, has over 25 years of experience in the industry, focusing on employment law. Marder handles various employment law claims, including sexual harassment, implied contracts, discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination. He also has a complete understanding of various federal and state laws that protect clients against their employers. During the process, Marder provides clients with open communication and helps them understand their rights.

  • Sexual Harassment

Attorney Information

Attorney NameBar StatusExperience
William Marder - PrincipalActive30 yrs
William Marder - PrincipalActive30 yrs

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California Workplace Law
99 Pacific Street, Monterey, CA 93940
California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.
3 Williams Road, Salinas, CA 93905
Fenton & Keller, Attorneys at Law
2801 Monterey Salinas Highway, Monterey, CA 93940
Polaris Law Group
501 San Benito Street, Hollister, CA 95023

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  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Salinas, California?

    The non-emergency number of the Salinas Police Department is 831-758-7321.

  • What takes place when you sign a severance contract in Salinas?

    When you sign a severance agreement in Salinas, you normally release the company from liability. You forego the opportunity to receive fair severance pay to help you when you leave your job. Additionally, you forfeit the chance to file a claim for unfair dismissal, obtain or withhold a possibly unfavorable reference, file a resignation, and find job opportunities in other industries.

  • What are the common whistleblowing cases in Salinas?

    In Salinas, some of the typical forms of whistleblowing include:

    • Notifying authorities of environmental legislation and regulation infractions.
    • Reporting improper or unlawful behavior in the healthcare sector.
    • Notifying a business or organization of fraud, embezzlement, or other financial irregularities.
    • Reporting unsafe working conditions or a failure to adhere to safety procedures.
    • Reporting dishonest business practices or other wrongdoing that endangers consumers.
    • Reporting illegal or unethical behaviors, such as corruption, power abuse, or misappropriation of public funds within government entities.
  • What types of workplace reprisals are common in Salinas?

    Retaliation at work in Salinas can take various forms. These may involve:

    • Reduction in perks or wages
    • Termination or demotion
    • Terrorism or harassment
    • Enhanced scrutiny or unfavorable performance ratings
    • Adverse employment assignments or schedule
    • Blacklisting Since the FEHA and WPA prohibit retaliation against employees, you may be entitled to sue if your manager engages in any of the above actions
  • What is the first step when you file an employment law claim in Salinas?

    A pre-suit investigation is the first step in an employment law claim in Salinas, wherein you or your attorney gather information to verify the viability of your claim. If it can be demonstrated that the employer breached the law, the employee may submit a claim to the proper agencies. These include the Department of Fair Employment and Housing or the Labor Commissioner's Office.

  • How do employers in Salinas break the rules regarding pay and hours?

    Some of the most typical wage and hour infractions in Salinas are:

    • Failure to completely relieve employees of their work tasks during breaks
    • Inability to pay employees in full on time
    • Employees being misclassified as independent contractors
    • Regular hourly (non-exempt) employees being misclassified as "exempt" employees
    • Failure to obey the regulations regarding final paychecks
    • Unable to record or pay overtime wages
    • Workplace injury sustained in an accident