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Frequently Asked Questions

How does someone become a yoga instructor?

To become a yoga instructor, one must first complete a yoga teacher training course or YTTC. There are several course programs ranging from 200 to 500 total hours. Once certified, yoga instructors can train students as independent contractors, work in gyms, and open their own yoga studios. Since there are several types of yoga, instructors can build their skill sets with continuing education courses.

How much do yoga instructors make?

The pay rate for yoga instructors varies greatly depending on the type of yoga classes being taught, experience levels, and price points dictated by yoga practitioners. In general, a yoga teacher's salary at a yoga studio ranges between $31 and $35 per hour.

How do you clean a yoga mat?

Yoga mats should be cleaned by hand with mild soap and warm water, then thoroughly rinsed to prevent soap residue buildup. Another option is to submerge the mat in warm, soapy water. Once dried, you can also spray the yoga mat with disinfectant spray to freshen it up and eliminate potential lingering germs and bacteria.

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