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Adwire logo


816 N Laurel Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
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Adwire specializes in information design and information architecture, serving marketing departments and PR agencies throughout the metro area of its Los Angeles base since 1996. Its core competency is website design, developed through extensive research, planning, and testing to ensure the user experience is optimized and the interface is not just appealing to the customer, but compliment's the brand's other outputs. The agency's clients include the Weingart Foundation, Iceology, and GoGoGive.

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Blank & Co. logo

Blank & Co.

11211 Millenium Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90094
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Blank & Co. is a web design firm that uses its talented UX/UI designers in Los Angeles to assist e-commerce businesses. It does both redesigns and new projects, creating user interfaces for websites and mobile applications that facilitate sales transactions. Blank & Co. has designed these platforms for both product- and service-oriented businesses. This company also possesses software engineering expertise, enabling it to design digital UX features from the ground up and build working prototypes of platforms.

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Built by Blank logo

Built by Blank

12575 Beatrice St, Los Angeles, CA 90066
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Built by Blank is a design and marketing agency that specializes in e-commerce and user experience in Los Angeles. It helps establish new online businesses and rebrand existing ones. The agency works exclusively on several platforms; Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, Magento, and NetSuite. Its designers focus on UX/UI to create online experiences for its client's customers, such as site behaviors that anticipate the user's expectations, easy-to-find and purchase products, and page layouts that are visually appealing and practical.

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Cosmo Creative Studios logo

Cosmo Creative Studios

9350 Wilshire Blvd Ste 203, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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Located in Beverly Hills and serving businesses throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Cosmo Creative Studios LLC offers UI/UX services that help its clients better serve their customers. Its team provides comprehensive consultancy services, analyzing the complete UI/UX on clients' websites and mobile applications. Other services provided by the company include web design, SEO, and social media management. Cosmo Creative Services LLC handles all work in-house without outsourcing or crowdsourcing any services.

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Deutsch logo


5454 Beethoven Street CA, Los Angeles, CA 90066
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Deutsch is a marketing agency serving the metro area since 1969. It combines famous and emerging brands, from salad sauces and sodas to children's toys. UX is blended into the fabric of its processes. The agency's UX/UI designers in Los Angeles optimize all aspects of the client's brand to ensure the user has the ultimate experience, including product placement and the people on the support line. Deutsch has worked with some of the biggest brands around, including Nintendo, Budweiser, Reebok, and Siemens.

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811 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Furtive Collective is a small digital marketing consultancy offering UX design in Los Angeles. It was founded by professionals experienced in marketing strategies and UX/UI. Its services include digitizing older businesses for today's market and introducing emerging business models to the public, such as Cannabis dispensaries. Its consultants closely partner clients on a range of services, such as identifying the unmet needs and irritants that create a wall between a brand and its potential customers. The agency's clients include Microsoft, Adidas, and Cadillac.

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Left Field Labs logo

Left Field Labs

10351 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232
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Left Field Labs is a Culver City-based creative technology company designing user interfaces and user experiences for clients with a range of diverse needs. This company's in-depth software development services allow clients to create many types of applications and it is experienced with designing user interfaces for use with emerging technologies including virtual reality and augmented reality. Left Field Labs also handles the strategic planning aspects of creating user experiences by conducting research to collect data about its clients' target audiences.

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Oskoui & Oskoui, Inc. logo

Oskoui & Oskoui, Inc.

639 S Spring St Apt 11A, Los Angeles, CA 90014
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Founded in 2015, Oskoui&Oskoui Inc. is a Los Angeles-based digital agency that builds solutions across all media. It works with global brands and start-ups in diverse industries, including broadcast media, electronics, consumer services, and construction. Its processes focus on the user's experience and an interface that showcases the brand. The small team researches the client's customer's online behaviors, unmet needs, and aspirations for the product, then builds prototypes and extensively tests them before release.

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Philosophie Group logo

Philosophie Group

1615 16th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404
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Philosophie Group is a software and application development company based in Santa Monica, serving clients in the Los Angeles metro area and across the nation. It works with small companies to Fortune 500s, building solutions and software that accelerate the process of getting products to market. Its designers integrate product strategy, user research, and code to launch and iterate faster than its competitors. Philosophie Group has built solutions for Prudential and UCLA.

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Pull logo


620 Moulton Ave Apt 213, Los Angeles, CA 90031
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Pull is an independently-owned and operated research and innovation consultancy based in Los Angeles. It takes pride in the speed in which it gets fully formed UX/UI products, systems, and services to market. Much of the agency's work comes from corporations in the automotive, electronics, consumer, and high tech industries. It focuses on making users and customers emotionally engage with products through in-depth research and human-centered designs. The agency's clients include Spacex, Aston Martin, and Yamaha.

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Pulse Design Group logo

Pulse Design Group

1750 14th St Ste C, Santa Monica, CA 90404
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Pulse Design Group is a Santa Monica-based design and development firm founded in 2004. The agency serves clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations in the medical, audio, consumer, industrial, travel, and sports industries. It specializes in innovative UX/UI designs that are based on market research and focused on customer experiences, usability, and visual appeal. Pulse Design Group handles everything from design concept to prototype development to deployment. It works with clients such as VITAC and American Airlines

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Signature logo


1519 N Gardner St, Los Angeles, CA 90046
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Signature is an award-winning digital product and design agency in Los Angeles. They partner with global brands to innovate best-in-class digital products and user experiences. With over 20 years of successful product launches, their specialty is creating first-of-their-kind digital products and leading brands into new territory. They use the self-created Signature System, which involves in-depth auditing of target audiences to implement changes to user interfaces and interactive platforms, to improve user experiences and increase audience retention & engagement.

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Spark6 logo


312 Arizona Ave Ste 206, Santa Monica, CA 90401
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Based in Santa Monica, Spark6 makes responsive websites, mobile apps, and enterprise software for Fortune 500s, inspired start-ups, and everyone in-between. Since opening in 2011, it's worked across industries, with much of it coming from the tech, finance, and entertainment sectors. The agency's designers and developers are remotely located across California. They specialize in identifying the unmet needs and aspirations target customers have for their client's offering and building them into the site, app, or software.

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verynice logo


Los Angeles, CA 90013

verynice has been solving problems for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies since 2008. The Los Angeles consultancy provides advice and develops strategies for core business activities, such as brand positioning, product development, and marketing. The user experience is at the core of its outputs, whether it be researching online behaviors for mobile apps or managing focus groups for testing new products. Brands such as Apple, UNICEF, and RedBull have used the consultancy's services.

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Wandr logo


Los Angeles, CA 90066
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Wandr is a small product strategy agency providing UX design in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, whose designers and developers collaborate across continents. It serves vibrant start-ups and established enterprises looking to develop their brands and open up new markets. It works to make its client's digital products meaningful and valuable to the end user through extensive research and planning and intelligent testing. Wandr's clients include Samsung, Kaplan University, and the World Wildlife Fund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to get UX certification?

A: While there isn't an official body that certifies UX professionals, many organizations and institutions offer online and in-person programs specializing in user experience. Participants earn a certificate after completion of a series of courses, which can range from short, week-long boot camps to year-long programs on a full- or part-time basis. Be sure to select a respected, reputable provider.

Q: How do I become a UI designer?

A: To build a career in UI design, you should be creative and have a strong grounding in visual communication and design. You can supplement this knowledge by earning an interaction design certificate from a respected provider. Practice your design skills and build a portfolio to show prospective employers, and reach out to industry professionals to start building a network of contacts.

Q: How much do UX designers make?

A: According to PayScale, UX designers earn between $51,000 and $109,00 per year, with an average annual salary of $75,000. Those with one to four years of experience average $72,000 per year. Designers with five to nine years of experience average $84,300, and those with 10 to 19 years of experience earn an average of $95,600.

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