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Located in Los Angeles, 95Visual, founded in 2008, offers custom-tailored web application and software development for its many clients. Among its many capabilities, the firm offers custom CMS, Drupal development and custom Drupal themes, PHP, HTML/HMTL5, CSS, and graphic design. Wireframing, UI/UX, and content strategy are also within the agency's purview. In addition, it has a wealth of experience in promotional printing and mass mailing, branding, logo design, and marketing.

BeVirtual is a software developer in Los Angeles building custom software for small businesses. It primarily builds web applications that improve the technical functionality of web pages and contribute to the user experience. This developer offers custom software solutions for e-commerce-focused websites powered by Shopify and typically works within the WordPress framework. BeVirtual also does development for software programs that manage on-page SEM and social media marketing campaigns. Its software development efforts contribute to a comprehensive assortment of web design and development services. is a developer in Los Angeles creating custom software for start-ups, California-based digital agencies, and B2B-focused companies. It builds tailored solutions to e-commerce problems by creating software that facilitates automated processes. It assists a variety of digital agencies with work for major corporations and offers developmental repair services to start-ups experiencing software-related operational issues or challenges scaling the business. also does data analytics and is experienced with projects involving big data.

Conspire is a Los Angeles-based developer providing custom software solutions. This developer specializes in e-commerce and offers tiered service packages to merchants that use the Shopify platform. Its applications are designed for needs related to UI/UX, site mapping, and web assets. It also develops software that helps clients operate online stores and manage data. Conspire is experienced with Shopify Plus as well. Its other Shopify-focused services include graphic design, UI/UX design, and theme development.

DG Studio is a Los Angeles-based software developer creating custom solutions for clients. Its software development work is conducted as part of its web development services. It creates programs that facilitate the user experience and support the back-end operations of web sites. DG Studio offers a diverse set of options for plug-in integration that convenience clients and increase ease of use. Its other areas of interest include branding, internet marketing, digital media, and website support.

Distillery is a mobile app development company based in Santa Monica. For more than nine years, it has built apps for all devices and platforms, customizing its services to fit clients' needs for prototypes or full developments. It prioritizes the development of an app's core features and works with clients including entrepreneurs, start-ups, and enterprises. The firm integrates analytics data into applications, helping clients to understand their users' behavior. It also offers a post-launch maintenance and upgrade plan.

Framework Solutions is a software and web development company in Los Angeles. Since 1999, its systems analysts have performed technology assessments to identify more efficient workflows and define enterprise-wide strategies. The firm focuses on custom software and database applications and offers support in software architecture, database programming, systems integration, and data migration. Its developers are experienced in all aspects of SQL Server development, as well as in developing cloud applications, creating custom software, and complex integration to back-end systems.

Frothlogic is a full-stack firm in Los Angeles that focuses on application development services. For more than six years, it has built a wide range of products for clients, optimizing production-scale applications. The firm builds applications across industries including health care, consumer web, and social using Ruby on Rails technology. It also builds infrastructure for new applications and manages existing infrastructure, specializing its work on AWS. The firm uses the centralized logging infrastructure of Elasticsearch, integrating it into customers' application stack.

L+R is a software developer active throughout the Los Angeles metro area that creates custom applications for mobile platforms. Experienced with both iOS and Android systems, it builds customer- and employee-facing applications with integrated analytics platforms. This developer does IoT projects too and builds software programs that help to manage networks of interconnected devices. L+R also provides consultation throughout the development process while monitoring performance and performing maintenance to repair technical issues. Other focus areas include technology design, branding, and invention.

LinkEdge Technologies Inc. is a technology integration firm in Los Angeles that develops comprehensive enterprise solutions for government agencies and commercial entities around the globe. It focuses on offshore software development for companies that want to outsource software development, maintenance, and conversion. The techs also provide enhancements for existing platforms. LinkEdge Technologies Inc. is a Microsoft Partner, an Oracle Partner, and its portfolio includes Jameco Electronics, CorpNet, ConAgra Foods, and Law Scribe Inc.

Based in Los Angeles, NerdPilots builds custom software for its clients across an array of industries. Its scope includes developing Agile-compliant software that meets its clients' needs and trouble-shooting and implementing fixes for existing software. Web development, mobile development, and Magento migration services are included in the agency's purview. Additional services include WordPress support, e-commerce development, design-to-web conversions, website cleaning, and ASAP front-end development. The agency also provides support for Wix, Shopify, WordPress, and Squarespace clients.

Netlandish in Lakewood helps Los Angeles businesses and organizations with custom software solutions. Founded in 2008, this privately held software development company works with companies to solve problems with personalized approaches that leverage the agency's vast background in the sector. The team is experienced in Django, Python, Linux, FreeBSD, and PostgreSQL. The agency works to build meaningful, long-term business relationships with its clients, creating a roadmap for success to help clients achieve their objectives.

OSP Labs is a custom software development firm in Los Angeles that focuses on helping clients manage repetitive, high-volume tasks and workflows using AI, machine learning, deep learning, and blockchain technologies. Founded in 2009, its team of IT professionals works with health care and finance firms to develop software solutions that meet all government and industry regulations, including HIPAA and HL7 privacy laws. Other services include AI trading risk management, stock charting, and algorithmic trading.

Rodeo Apps is a custom software developer doing business in the Los Angeles metro area that has a diverse base of experience centering on web development and business operations. It builds custom web portals that facilitate the dissemination of information between employees, customers, and suppliers. It designs software solutions for enterprise resource planning challenges. Rodeo Apps does systems integration work too and is experienced with managing ETL processes. It also offers general application development services for web and mobile platforms.

SDH Digital Solutions is a developer in Beverly Hills creating custom software for clients throughout the Los Angeles metro area. Applications designed for mobile and web platforms are this developer's focus. Its development team has particular experience with the automotive, telecom, finance, and health care industries but is willing to work with almost any type of company. SDH Digital Solutions manages every stage of the software development cycle while allowing clients to decide its levels of involvement and integration.

Solution Mentors is a Los Angeles-based developer offering custom software products. It is versed in the development of complex B2B systems and typically works for organizations and enterprises. This developer builds software across a range of platforms including desktop, web, and mobile. It does IoT projects and manages integration with sensors and other devices. Solution Mentors also works with emerging technologies such as robotic process automation, blockchain, and AI. This developer offers managed cloud operations and database services as well.

Doing business since 2008, Wide Vision Technologies in Pasadena brings custom software development to its clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. The company specializes in open source development, content management systems, e-commerce apps, ERP, and other bespoke web solutions. Additionally, it offers custom web apps, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and digital marketing services. Other services include responsive web and graphics design. Its clients range in size from small- and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

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