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Daniel Brian Advertising is a premier branding agency located in Los Angeles. As a branding and digital marketing expert, this company provides various services in the areas of brand advertising, brand experience, and brand consulting. In particular, these include strategic research, creative content, media and analytics, culture consulting, and brand platforms. Clients are encouraged to venture into the known and lead their industry by gaining cross-functional expertise in retail, healthcare, and finance.

FEATURED Expertise

Bruxton Group is a design shop that has been helping companies build their brands since 2013. The Los Angeles company specializes in marketing, branding, and design services. The team of capable and passionate designers brings together decades of marketing experience and has worked with well-known brands such as Viacom and Cal State University. Previous clients appreciate the amount of effort the team at Bruxton put into the work and found a way to put their ideas into practice.

Citrus Studios is a brand consulting agency in Los Angeles that works with clients to help them grow their brand. The company has over 20 years of experience and provides a range of services to help its clients, including content marketing, website design, advertising advice and consulting, and social media management. Citrus Studios has won multiple prestigious awards for its design work, such as the Adobe Site of the Day and Yahoo Site of the Day.

Dreamentia is a Los Angeles advertising agency that has been helping clients engage with their customers since 2006. It offers a free consultation to help companies work out their advertising requirements. Dreamentia provides a variety of marketing services, including website design, content marketing, graphic design, packaging design, and social media management. Previous clients were impressed with the creative strategies provided by Dreamentia and believe the company truly contributed to their success.

Eat Sleep Work is a graphic design and marketing company that has offices in Los Angeles and Tuscon. The company was founded in 2005 and currently is made of a team of people specializing in all sectors of the marketing industry. Eat Sleep Work offers a full range of brand services to give each company an integrated marketing solution to suit their needs. The company is the proud winner of the CSS Design Awards and Davey Awards.

Echo-Factory is an advertising agency whose slogan is "We make good companies be better." It started ten years ago and in that time has produced over $250 million in growth for its clients. Echo-Factory offers a full house of advertising services, including consumer research, competitive analysis, website design, content creation, public relations, and social media management. It has worked with multiple highly-regarded brands such as Audi, Aeroworx, and Trimas Aerospace.

Based in Los Angeles, Farm Design is an advertising agency first established in 2000. It helps brands to grow through a range of collaborative and creative solutions. Farm Design provides a selection of advertising services, including web design, graphic design, and social media management. The majority of its campaigns have focused on growing consumer awareness of leading a healthy lifestyle, and it currently works with multiple health brands.

LA Visual is a design and digital marketing agency in Los Angeles that produces rich human-centered digital experiences. The company has been going for 15 years and offers a wide range of design services from branding, to video production and website design. The expanding team values their clients and strives to create beautiful, strategic work that moves companies forward. Some of LA Visual's previous work includes award-winning design for Lincoln, Intuit and Proteus.

Founded in 1992, MC Squared is a professional marketing and corporate branding firm with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. The agency works primarily with businesses in the hospitality, entertainment, luxury, beauty, fashion, real estate, and retail industries. It specializes in collaborating with clients to grow brands, build awareness, and increase sales. MC Squared branding services include market research, strategic planning, identity development, brand positioning, marketing strategies, and public relations. It also handles website design and development.

Ripe Media is a full-service design and marketing agency in Los Angeles. Founded in 2003, Ripe Media helps its clients grow their digital media presence. Ripe Media services include SWOT analysis, brand strategy, marketing campaign management, website design, event signage, and product packaging design. The company has worked with Disney, Toyota, Honda, and CBS on award-winning campaigns. Clients say the company is focused, professional, and provides high-quality work at every step of the campaign.

Studio Number One is a Los Angeles creative advertising agency founded in 2003 by Shepard and Amanda Fairey. It offers grassroots marketing, innovative graphics, and cutting-edge design made to push the boundaries and create more meaningful experiences for consumers. A large portion of its work involves murals to gain public attention in regards to the plight of immigrants and the problems related to climate change. Studio Number One has created campaigns for Nike, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Warner Bros.

Founded in 2006, Truf Creative is an award-winning creative design studio based in Los Angeles. It provides website development and design, marketing campaigns, and graphic design for companies looking for a modern and simplistic design. Truf Creative has won a variety of awards including the AWWWARDS site of the day, Graphis Gold award, PRINT regional design award, and Brand New Awards Judges Pick. It works with a range of clients from fashion houses to finance companies.

UNINCORPORATED is a branding agency in Los Angeles, California, that helps clients grow their businesses by improving the way they think and communicate. Founded in 2003, the company provides web design, ad creative, and digital marketing services. It has won several ADDY awards for its work with brands that include Barnes & Noble and University of Southern California.

Use All Five is a Los Angeles marketing and brand development agency founded in 2005. It provides design services across all forms of media to ensure that its clients get the maximum brand exposure around the world. Use All Five offers web design, graphic design, and social media to help companies grow in the new and connected world. The company hopes to humanize technology and help brands to feel comfortable using technology to promote their businesses.

Visualab Design is a strategy-driven design agency that provides clients with creative solutions to their marketing requirements. Established in 2012, Visualab Design is a diverse group that combines their creative, digital, and marketing expertise to provide comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes looking to gain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-moving digital marketing environment. Services included are social media marketing, SEO content, graphic design, website design, and digital marketing services to Los Angeles clients. Visualab Design focuses its work on online advertising campaigns for the modern world.

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