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650 Town Center Drive Suite 1700, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Rating

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4.0 (5)

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Greenberg Gross LLP is a Costa Mesa-based law firm focusing on real estate litigation. It comprises trial lawyers who handle cases concerning real estate transactions, including those involving partnerships, joint ventures, sales, acquisitions, commercial leases, and title insurance. Its team secured a $50 million jury verdict on a cross-complaint of a California real estate developer who was sued in connection with a real estate joint venture. Alan Greenberg, the firm's founder and CEO, was named one of California's Top 100 lawyers by the Daily Journal.

  • Real Estate Litigation

600 Anton Blvd., Suite 640, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Since 2012, Ambrosi & Doerges has been representing homeowners and commercial property clients in Costa Mesa. The office handles various real estate law matters, such as land sales contracts, 1031 exchanges, and land use compliance investigations. Its attorneys negotiate leases, review deals, resolve property tax issues, and examine titles. They leverage over 50 years of industry experience to fight for clients' rights in settlement negotiations and litigation. They also collaborate with escrow officers and title representatives throughout real estate transactions.

  • Acquisition & Sale of Property

3151 Airway Avenue, Building S, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Rating

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5.0 (3)

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Ross, Wolcott, Teinert & Prout LLP is a law office serving Costa Mesa and nearby areas. It litigates various real estate disputes, such as breach of contract, construction defect concerns, homeowner association issues, and unlawful detainer actions. It also guides and advises clients on real estate transactions, including planning and development, financing, acquisition and disposition, and contract preparation. The firm's managing partner, Andrew Prout, presided over a private arbitration for a high-stake contract dispute, in which his client was awarded $39.4 million.

  • Real Estate Litigation

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Greenberg Gross LLP
650 Town Center Drive Suite 1700, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Ambrosi & Doerges
600 Anton Blvd., Suite 640, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Ross, Wolcott, Teinert & Prout LLP
3151 Airway Avenue, Building S, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Costa Mesa, California?

    (714) 754-5252 is the non-emergency contact number of the Costa Mesa Police Department.

  • What can a landlord do if a tenant violates the rental agreement in Costa Mesa?

    If the tenant does not pay their rent as per the contract in Costa Mesa, the landlord may give them a three-day notice to pay up or go. If the tenant materially violates a rental agreement covenant, the landlord may give a three-day notice to perform the covenant or vacate. In extreme circumstances, a three-day quit notice (without the chance to cure) may be given for non-curable breaches, such as violating the agreement by subletting, creating an annoyance, wasting money, or engaging in unlawful activities.

  • Can you partially convert a Costa Mesa residential property into a short-term rental?

    No. On November 2021, the Costa Mesa City Council adopted Ordinance 2021-17, which prohibits all short-term rentals—property rentals of less than 30 days—throughout the metro. This STR prohibition applies to just one room of a house, the entire residence, or an accessory dwelling unit.

  • What is the deadline to bring a claim for construction defects in Costa Mesa?

    The absolute deadline is ten years from the substantial completion of the project. However, there are shorter time frames available, such as three years from the discovery of the defect. Additionally, component-specific deadlines ranging from a year to five years may apply, depending on the particular component involved in the claim.

  • Do you need to meet the home seller in person when buying a home in Costa Mesa?

    In Costa Mesa, it is not necessary for buyers and sellers to personally meet during the house buying process. Both buyers and sellers can rely on the real estate brokers or agents they have chosen to act as their representatives in all correspondence and discussions. These professionals are legally allowed to act as intermediaries, facilitating the transaction and ensuring effective communication between the parties involved.

  • Do Costa Mesa landlords have to follow a timeframe to return a security deposit to a tenant?

    Within 21 days after the tenant vacates the property, landlords in Costa Mesa are required to either return the security deposit or give a detailed statement of deductions. However, if there is a legitimate explanation for the delay and extra work or a deposit accounting is necessary, landlords may deliver an interim accounting within that time frame. Fourteen days after the relevant steps have been taken, a final accounting must be sent.