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Garner Consulting

4555 Marsh Meadow Way, Concord, CA 94521
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  • Platform Development
  • Web App Development

Business Description

Garner Consulting is an IT consultant and data management firm serving clients in Concord and the surrounding areas. It offers full-stack software development solutions for iOS, Android, Windows, and Xamarin, handling the planning, analysis, testing, quality evaluation, release, and maintenance phases. In addition to mobile app development, it also deals with marketing research, database management, and targeted surveys. Dirk Garner, who has been in the IT industry for more than 25 years, is the founder of Garner Consulting.


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Mobile App Development San Francisco logo
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Mobile App Development San Francisco

1402 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103
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  • Web App Development

Business Description

Mobile App Development San Francisco builds and upgrades digital products for businesses in Concord. It produces Android, iOS, Windows, and cross-platform mobile apps. It aims to create responsive apps with user-friendly interfaces using metric-based techniques. Its programming team identifies clients' problems and proposes different app capabilities, including monetization strategies and API functionality. Its projects are broken into sprints, which involve planning, design, programming, QA testing, and launch. The tech firm caters to various clients involved in video processing, retail operations, healthcare services, utility tasks, gaming, and banking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the first mobile app made?

The 1994 IBM Simon included several utilities, like Sketchpad and Calendar, which some consider among the first apps. In 1997, the Nokia 6110 came with the simple arcade game Snake. The first-generation iPod, released in 2001, had some early apps too. It came with the games Brick and Solitaire installed.

What kind of apps make money?

A well-monetized app can generate sizable profits for developers. Some types of apps are more popular and profitable than others. These include:

  • Mobile games: Players can spend big on extra lives, cheats, and other bonuses.
  • Dating apps: Subscription fees and ads pull in cash.
  • Streaming apps: Users can pay a weekly or monthly charge to access dynamic video and music content.
  • Health apps: Fitness trackers and apps for meditation, workout plans, and calorie counters are very popular. Apps can charge a one-time fee or use a subscription model.
  • Social media apps: These can be monetized by showing users ads.

How do you make an app look professional?

Developers use a method called wireframing to strategically place elements on each page of an app. Wireframing software lets developers experiment with color choice, menu styles, and button positioning, which contribute to how professional the app looks and feels. Every page should flow sensibly from one to the next. Font and text size are important too as the wrong style can give a poor impression and make the app seem amateurish.

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