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A1 Accident Lawyer is a firm that has been providing its legal services in Anaheim, California, since 1994. It offers workers' compensation legal representation to individuals injured in the line of duty. The firm assists in fighting for benefits, such as medical treatment coverage, temporary or permanent disability payments, and lump-sum settlements. Additionally, it represents victims in cases involving auto and aviation accidents, bankruptcy, premises liability, and criminal defense. A1 Accident Lawyer is affiliated with the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles.

The Canlas Law Group is an Anaheim, California-based legal practice representing clients in workers' compensation cases. The firm helps clients make and defend claims seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and permanent injury. The firm's legal team also handles nuanced claims involving cumulative injury. The Canlas Law Group negotiates with insurance companies and third parties, handles arbitration and trial, defends clients from employer retaliation, and seeks recourse if claims are not rewarded.

Dial & Associates PC is a workers' compensation firm located in Anaheim, California. The firm represents victims of construction, industrial, and catastrophic accidents. Stephen Dial established the firm in 1996 and has 20 years of experience investigating workplace incidents. From the initial filing to settlement disputes, the attorneys at Dial & Associates lead clients through the workers' compensation process. Additional areas of practice include personal injury and workplace violence cases.

Dixon & Daley LLP, located in Santa Fe Springs, has served Southern California clients for over 40 years. The firm tackles cases involving workers' compensation, helping the victims receive medical treatment, wages, and death benefits as well as file Social Security claims. It also handles cases involving car accidents and third-party accident injuries. Managing partner E. Neal Daley is a member of the Southeast Bar Association and the California Applicants' Attorney Association.

For over a decade, Howard Law PC has advocated for clients with workers' compensation claims in Anaheim, California. Founder Vincent D. Howard works to recover medical expenses, benefits, and compensation for injured workers in all industries. The firm focuses on clients' rights and has settlement negotiation, arbitration, and trial experience when dealing with insurance carriers and employers. Other areas of employment law practice include breach of contract, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination.

JML Law is a legal practice in Anaheim, California, that handles workers' compensation cases. The firm defends claims using medical records and other evidence to negotiate with insurance companies for the highest possible compensation. It pursues litigation when claims are denied or settlement offers are unsatisfactory. Workers' compensation claims typically cover medical expenses, permanent injury, mileage for injury-related travel, and lost wages. JML Law also handles car accident and assault injury cases. Spanish and Vietnamese language services are available.

Johnson and Cruz PC is a small law practice in Fullerton, California, that handles workers' compensation claims for clients throughout Orange County. Its attorneys have over 10 years of experience representing clients who have contracted occupational diseases or sustained injuries while working, including those caused by construction accidents and repetitive stress. Johnson and Cruz PC helps obtain benefits to cover medical costs, lost wages, and rehabilitation expenses. The firm also handles personal injury cases and living wills.

The Law Offices of Keith A. Seagull, which is located in Anaheim, California, was founded in 1995. It represents injured and disabled employees, providing legal services for workers' compensation cases. It helps employees obtain settlements for work-related disabilities, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation, and death benefits. Additionally, the firm offers legal services in personal injury and immigration cases. Founder Keith A. Seagull is a member of the California Applicant Attorney Association.

Law Offices of Scott Warmuth is located in Anaheim, California, and has over 33 years of experience in workers' compensation litigation. The firm negotiates settlements for medical treatment, temporary and permanent disability, and job displacement benefits. Additionally, it represents victims involved in car and motorcycle accidents as well as dog bites and slip-and-falls. The firm is affiliated with the Los Angeles County Bar Association and is a member of the American Bar Association.

The Law Offices Of William W. Green & Associates is an Anaheim, California, firm that has provided legal services for over 30 years. The law firm helps employees who have suffered on the job, seeking workers' compensation benefits, such as vocational rehabilitation and medical treatment. It also provides legal representation for individuals involved in car and construction accidents. Attorney Green is a member of the North Orange County Bar Association.

Manibog Law PC is an injury law firm with offices in Pasadena, Long Beach, and Covina, California. The firm handles workers' compensation cases, ensuring procedures are followed and working to recover compensation for injured employees. Manibog Law PC also represents personal injury victims, such as those harmed by food poisoning, amusement park, or auto accidents. Founder Darren Manibog was named a Top Attorney by Pasadena Magazine from 2011 to 2014.

Nantha & Associates is a workers' compensation law firm in Anaheim, California. The firm represents workers seriously injured on the job, fighting with insurance companies for compensation. Claims typically include compensation for permanent disability, lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, and ongoing medical expenses. This firm handles cumulative injury cases caused by occupations involving repetitively stressful tasks. Additional practice areas include car accident and medical malpractice cases. Nantha & Associates offers Spanish language services.

Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer APC is based in Anaheim, California, and has been providing legal services since 2013. The law office provides legal representation to victims involved in accidents at work and assists them in pursuing workers' compensation claims. Some of the benefits the firm helps its clients obtain include temporary and permanent disability. Other areas of practice include legal assistance with medical malpractice, automotive injury, and product liability cases.

Rose, Klein & Marias LLP is located in Anaheim, California. The firm has been helping injured employees seek workers' compensation benefits for over 80 years. It handles legal services for workers who have been involved in injuries resulting from unsafe work conditions and negotiates settlements for medical expenses and retraining costs. It also represents victims involved in auto accident and wrongful death cases. The firm is affiliated with the State Bar of California.

Russell & Lazarus is a personal injury law firm in Anaheim, California, representing clients in workers' compensation cases, particularly cases involving construction accidents. The firm negotiates with insurers for compensation, including for medical expenses and lost wages, and handles the appeals process should a settlement be denied or reach an unsatisfactory conclusion. It also pursues injury claims against third parties when applicable. Additional practice areas include car and slip-and-fall accident cases. Russell & Lazarus offers Spanish language services.

Stoody and Mills is a law firm located in Anaheim, California, founded in 2001. The firm handles workers' compensation cases and provides legal representation for those seeking benefits for injuries sustained at work. This includes negotiating for assistance with medical expenses, wage reimbursements, and rehabilitation and disability benefits. Amy Stoody King, the cofounder of Stoody and Mills, has represented injured workers since 1988 and is affiliated with the North Orange County Bar Association.

The Law Offices of Christian J. Amendt was established in 1984 and serves victims of workplace injuries in Anaheim and throughout southern California. Founder Christian J. Amendt has 35 years of litigation experience working with injured workers to recover medical, lost wage, and compensation benefits. The firm also assists clients with determining whether a third-party claim can be filed based on the nature of the injury. Additional areas of practice include motor vehicle accidents and premises liability.

The Law Offices of Jon M. Woods Inc., located in Cypress, California, was founded in 2002 as a workers' compensation law firm. It represents clients in the Latino community and fights retaliation from employers. The firm helps clients access temporary or permanent disability benefits and obtain compensation for medical or rehabilitative care. Some claims include access to supplemental job replacement benefits and vocational training. Other areas of practice include wrongful death cases and rights of undocumented workers.

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