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Kalamazoo, MI Rating

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5.0 (8)

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Algenib Digital Agency serves the web development needs of enterprises and institutions in Kalamazoo. It helps service providers reach target audiences, boost online presence, and generate leads by creating websites based on clients' user experience and visual design preferences. The team produces content and performs quality tests before launching websites. Other services include web hosting and maintenance, tagline creation, and user login and password management. Algenib Digital Agency has been operating for over five years.

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Kalamazoo, MI Rating

Why choose this provider?

Need help contacting a Web Developer in Kalamazoo? Call our Concierge team at 848-Book-Pro (848-266-5776 from 6 am - 4 pm PT | Mon - Fri). They are standing by to help you get the service you need.

3083 Washington Ave SW, Suite B-7, Grandville, MI 49418 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (42)

Why choose this provider?

For two decades, VanDenBerg Web + Creative has been helping businesses in the Kalamazoo area grow their online presence. Its team designs and builds mobile-optimized websites with custom meta descriptions, page titles, and image alt text, which aim to improve clients' online visibility and search engine rankings. The professionals perform routine testing, weekly backups, and Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tracking. Web hosting and maintenance services are also provided. Retail, home improvement, and veterinary care are some of the industries VanDenBerg Web + Creative serves.

6907 Cascade Road SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 Rating

Review Sources

4.9 (59)
5.0 (5)

Why choose this provider?

NB Media Solutions provides services across the Kalamazoo community and the surrounding areas. The agency handles and creates codes to provide websites tailored to the needs of businesses in various industries, such as non-profits, education, banking and finance, travel, food and beverage, and religious organizations. The agency produces websites suitable for desktop and mobile devices. NB Media Solutions has been operating since 2010. Its team specializes in using Wix for its web development and design solutions.

1059 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506 Rating

Review Sources

4.7 (6)

Why choose this provider?

Engine has been providing web development solutions to businesses in Kalamazoo since 2005. Its development team offers website development, search engine optimization with reach content, and custom programming. As part of its overall website development, the company includes an audit of existing features, integration of Google Analytics, and assistance with content management systems. Some of the companies Engine has worked with include Conagg Concrete Services, Crystal Lake Catering Co., J Milito and Associates, Inc., and MBI Automation.

Mattawan, MI 49071 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (4)
5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

Brod Solutions is a web development company in Kalamazoo. Its team focuses on designing, building, and developing website solutions through consultations, audits, branding, and user interfaces utilizing HTML, PHP, and JavaScript. Tanner Brodhagen, a self-taught programmer, designer, and technology solution provider, created the company. For the past ten years, the business has produced more than 75 websites and worked with 10,000 solutions. It aims to learn, offer solutions, and share its expertise to help businesses meet their goals.

9127 Highland View Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49009 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (7)
5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

Through its Kalamazoo office, Lambrix Design & Company works with clients across the area. It develops custom websites that allow them to manage e-commerce transactions. It has built the online presence of different organizations, including industrial finishing service providers and blueberry farms. The company provides a range of other solutions, from pay-per-click advertising to search engine optimization. It has been operating in the industry for more than three decades. Its president, David Lambrix II, is the former art director of the Kalamazoo Gazette.

563 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Rating

Review Sources

4.6 (15)

Why choose this provider?

Mindutopia provides web programming solutions for clients in Kalamazoo. Its team creates websites and online apps by utilizing the WordPress platform, allowing it to adjust or modify pre-made themes. It also performs internal web development to design a solution to bridge the gap in businesses. In addition, it offers web design services that involve typography study, color schemes, website design direction, and photography selection. One of its team members, Rudy Malmquist, has over 25 years of web design and development experience.

38 Fulton Street West Suite 307, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Rating

Why choose this provider?

Elexicon, established in 1999, focuses on providing user experience, creative content, and marketing for high-tech companies and startups. The firm helps innovators grow their businesses through strategic communications and user-centered websites. Its web developers handle enterprise WordPress development, mobile app creation, third-party integration, and accessibility code modifications. Other services include search engine optimization, Google Ads management, and content creation. The company has created digital projects for healthcare organizations and tech companies in Kalamazoo and the surrounding communities.

4665 Broadmoor Ave SE #120, Grand Rapids, MI 49512 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (15)

Why choose this provider?

eTool Developers serves clients across the Kalamazoo community and the neighboring areas. Its website development services include content scheduling, organic SEO content, multilingual support, and version control. It also assists clients in managing, controlling, importing, and exporting their data online using PIM data management services. The agency's team specializes in crafting vehicle fitment search applications or tools. eTool Developers has been providing website solutions since 2001. It has recently completed projects for Westin Automotive, Action Trucks, Superlift Suspension, and AMP Research.

724 West Centre Ave, Portage, MI 49024 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (39)

Why choose this provider?

For over 20 years, Blue Fire Media has provided clients in Kalamazoo with a range of internet solutions. Its team has built websites for both small and large companies. It crafts web pages designed to be mobile-friendly and offers site management and copywriting services to create a lasting impression on website visitors. It also produces logos, marketing materials, print ads, business cards, images, and videos. The company has developed websites for Paragon Ophthalmology, Walsh Service Solutions, and Tennessee Fitness Spa.

28 W. Chicago St. STE. 3B, Coldwater, MI 49036 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (12)

Why choose this provider?

Creative Web Designing Inc. has been helping businesses and organizations in Kalamazoo increase their online presence for over two decades. The firm builds custom and e-commerce website applications integrated with mobile-friendly features, responsive designs, and productivity tools such as QR code scan and live chat options. It also provides marketing and branding services, including search engine optimization and logo design. In addition, the team specializes in WordPress website maintenance and hosting operations for email, phone, and remote account support.

77 Monroe Center St NW Suite 600, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (2)

Why choose this provider?

Rapid Development Group offers custom-tailored websites and mobile applications to solve complex business challenges in Kalamazoo. Its professionals deliver Drupal development capabilities that include building modules and themes, integrating third-party services, and migrating content. They handle full-stack website development projects that involve planning, graphic design, architecture implementation, maintenance, and optimization. RDG is actively involved in software events in the community by hosting the monthly Grand Rapids Drupal User Group meetup and coordinating the Beer City Code conference.

3129 Jefferson Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (43)

Why choose this provider?

Dekker Web Solutions caters to businesses and nonprofit organizations in Kalamazoo and nearby areas. It provides web design and development services, which involve assembling layouts and wireframes and gathering content. To meet clients' different needs, its team uses different platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Squarespace, and WordPress. Because Dekker Web Solutions' founder, Chris Dekker, is Christian, the company builds church websites that are mobile-friendly and capable of showcasing online sermons in both video and audio formats.

7580 Stablebrook Cir, Kalamazoo, MI 49009 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (18)
5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

Kallen Web Design serves clients in Kalamazoo and West Michigan who seek web development solutions. The team creates business pages that are fully customized and responsive on mobile devices and desktop PCs. It sets up and integrates social media accounts and registers clients on Google. Secure web hosting options are available using SSL technologies. The agency also takes on update and support jobs. Kallen Web Design has been developing sites for more than 15 years.

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Algenib Digital Agency
Kalamazoo, MICall for quote
VanDenBerg Web + Creative
3083 Washington Ave SW, Suite B-7, Grandville, MI 49418
NB Media Solutions
6907 Cascade Road SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546
1059 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Brod Solutions
Mattawan, MI 49071
Lambrix Design & Company
9127 Highland View Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49009
563 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
38 Fulton Street West Suite 307, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
eTool Developers
4665 Broadmoor Ave SE #120, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Blue Fire Media
724 West Centre Ave, Portage, MI 49024
Creative Web Designing Inc
28 W. Chicago St. STE. 3B, Coldwater, MI 49036
Rapid Development Group
77 Monroe Center St NW Suite 600, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Dekker Web Solutions
3129 Jefferson Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548
Kallen Web Design
7580 Stablebrook Cir, Kalamazoo, MI 49009


  • What is web development?

    Web development is the technical process of building a website for the internet or a private intranet. It involves nonvisual design tasks such as coding and programming. Front-end web development builds the code that determines what a user sees in a browser window. Back-end web development creates the server code that manages a website's functions.

  • What does a web developer do?

    There are three types of web developers.

    • Front-end developers write client-side script based on the visual design conceived by a web designer. The code executes in a browser window and brings the visuals to life, creating the look and feel of the website elements a user interacts with.
    • Back-end developers write server-side script, which is the code that makes the website function, such as forms, links, and e-commerce transactions.
    • Full-stack developers handle both front-end and back-end tasks.

    Depending on the complexity of a project, there may be a team of developers involved.

  • What is e-commerce website development?

    E-commerce website development is the process of building an online store that enables companies to sell goods and services and accept payment over the internet. An e-commerce website requires:

    • Inventory of products organized by category
    • Well-written product descriptions
    • High-quality product images
    • Shipping information
    • Secure checkout

    A web developer can recommend a suitable e-commerce platform and bring these elements together in a functional site.

  • Which is better, a web designer or a web developer?

    Web designers and web developers have different skills. Web developers create the functionality of a website, such as content management systems, databases, e-commerce stores, and security features. They also ensure a website works on multiple devices including smartphones, desktops, and tablets. Web designers can create the overall look and visual concept of a website, including graphical elements, but a web developer is usually needed to implement the design. Most website projects require a team approach.

  • What do web developers use to build websites?

    Web developers use a variety of tools and programming languages depending on the requirements of a project. Back-end developers may be proficient in:

    • Python
    • Java
    • PHP
    • SQL
    • C#
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • Ruby
    • Ruby on Rails

    Front-end developers are often familiar with languages such as:

    • HTML
    • XML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • React
    • AngularJS
    • REST
    • SOAP
  • Is a web developer a software engineer?

    While web developers and software engineers both work with programming languages, their job responsibilities differ. A web developer builds websites and web apps that help businesses, government, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs deliver information or services to their customers and clients. Software engineers create computer programs and software applications that operate on various devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

  • How do I develop a website?

    There are several options for developing a website. Do-it-yourself publishing tools such as Wix and Squarespace are relatively easy to use but limited in functionality. A content management system such as WordPress offers plug-in features but requires coding knowledge and time investment.

    An experienced professional web developer can build a website requiring an e-commerce platform, log-in, database features, and other complex integrations. They can also assist with technical questions related to hosting, search engine optimization, and ongoing maintenance and support. There's a financial cost to hiring a professional, but there's a benefit to their expertise, and it saves time that can be used on other marketing efforts.