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Baltimore, MD 21224 Rating

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Launched in 2013, 906 Creative is an agency that specializes in web design and user experience. Its talented developers and UX/UI designers in Baltimore operate remotely, working with small and midsize businesses throughout the metro area and further afield. Its clients come from various industries, including real estate, food, and entertainment. Through diligent research, the agency learns about its client's customers and builds responsive websites tailored to their online behavior.

909 Ridgebrook Rd Ste 112, Sparks, MD 21152 Rating

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Serving Maryland from its location in Sparks, AT Integrated Inc. is an IT services agency that builds software and websites founded on solid UX/UI research. It specializes in e-commerce, B2B, and B2C solutions for clients in several industries, including education, legal, finance, wholesale, and biotech. The agency uses a combination of Google Analytics, split testing, and its own software to identify impediments to the user experience, then develops solutions that maximize engagement with the user and customer.

8 Market Pl Ste 200, Baltimore, MD 21202 Rating

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5.0 (10)
5.0 (2)

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Fearless is a full-stack digital service firm in Baltimore that delivers innovative and human-centered digital services designed to power the things that matter. Its small, cross-functional, and agile teams use iterative development cycles to rapidly deliver sleek, intuitive, and responsive software. Fearless teams design, engineer, and deliver digital solutions to solve problems, transform organizations, and promote efficiency. Its people-focused approach to problem-solving means that whatever Fearless is building — whether it’s an application, a process, or a digital transformation plan — it meets the needs of the people it was created to serve.

Baltimore, MD 21218 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (1)

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Post Typography is a digital creative agency offering UX design in Baltimore for companies and nonprofits while designing UI and other visual aspects in ways that stay true to their brands and audiences. Not only does Post Typography create UX frameworks from scratch, it also revises existing websites to improve their UX. In most cases, it works to make its clients' websites simpler and more intuitive to navigate while integrating visual design choices with UX elements.

1100 Wicomico St Ste 600, Baltimore, MD 21230 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (3)

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Harbor Designs & Manufacturing is an engineering and production company providing UX design in Baltimore. The company's design team ensures that their products are attractive, responsive, and unique. Its employees also work to make sure that all of their products are in compliance with federal and state regulations and safety codes. Additionally, the company acts as a consultant for businesses creating their own products. It has worked in the medical, transportation, and retail industries.

PO Box 13, Forest Hill, MD 21050 Rating

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5.0 (3)

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Sheets & Associates is a marketing and web design company. The skilled UX/UI designers are experienced with graphic and website design, and its employees use their expertise to improve and optimize sites for user experience. They also offer assistance with content creation and copy writing, SEO and SEM, and social media marketing. Sheets & Associates has worked with one man shows, accounting firms, and actors.

PO Box 474, Phoenix, MD 21131

Why choose this provider?

E-Global Interactive is a web developer doing business throughout the Baltimore metro area that designs user interfaces and user experiences for small business websites. It conducts research into its clients' industries to make informed design decisions that are likely to satisfy their target audiences. This developer is also highly experienced with mobile platforms and can optimize user experience aspects to perform optimally on a range of portable devices. Outside of customer-facing implementations, E-Global Interactive contributes to marketing efforts by offering SEO services as well.

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906 Creative
Baltimore, MD 21224
AT Integrated Inc
909 Ridgebrook Rd Ste 112, Sparks, MD 21152
8 Market Pl Ste 200, Baltimore, MD 21202
Post Typography
Baltimore, MD 21218
Harbor Designs & Manufacturing
1100 Wicomico St Ste 600, Baltimore, MD 21230
Sheets & Associates
PO Box 13, Forest Hill, MD 21050
E-Global Interactive
PO Box 474, Phoenix, MD 21131


  • Introduction

    Websites, apps, software, and other digital products are more likely to be adopted by users if they're useful and easy to navigate. While you need programmers to build your products and interaction designers to make them visually appealing, it's the user experience (UX) designer who makes the difference between good user experiences and poor ones.

    UX design is human-centered, putting the user at the core of a product from the earliest stages of development. This is the opposite approach to making a product and hoping people use it. UX design involves identifying a user's needs, expectations, and behaviors, and developing appropriate design solutions. Based on significant user research and testing, a UX designer's work ensures there's logic behind each design element so the overall product makes sense for the user.

    UX designers are often confused with user interface (UI) designers, because the two work together closely. Typically, a UX designer develops a design prototype. The UI designer takes the design and creates the visual look and feel of the components the user interacts with.

    Once the UI is created, developers and programmers write the code so the product performs the tasks a user requests.
  • What does UX stand for?

    User experience (UX) is a design process that considers the needs of users. It involves understanding what users want from a product and ensuring these requirements are incorporated in a logical way. The goal of UX design is to spark a positive user experience based on meeting needs and expectations.

  • What does UI stand for?

    A product's user interface (UI) consists of the physical components someone interacts with when using a product. This includes touchscreens, buttons, drop-down menus, forms, and other features used to accomplish tasks. The UI is a link between the user and the back-end systems that carry out specific processes.

  • What does a UX designer do?

    A UX designer identifies the expectations and behaviors of users to ensure these are reflected in a product's design. UX design involves developing user personas, conducting research, creating wireframes and prototypes, and testing solutions. UX designers often continue testing after a product launch to improve future iterations of the software or device.

  • What is user testing?

    Once a UX designer develops a preliminary solution they believe meets the user's needs, the design is tested for problems. Users are asked to interact with the design to reveal how they expect to use the product. This often reveals gaps between what the designers intended and how users behave. These findings help to refine the product design.

  • Why is user experience important?

    User experience ensures products meet the user's needs. Your target market is more likely to see the value in a product if it offers a positive user experience and successfully solves their problems. This helps convert customers, encourages loyalty, and builds long-term credibility and trust.

  • What makes a good UX designer?

    Good UX designers have strong research and analytic skills and problem-solving abilities. They require good communication and listening skills to work with users during testing, and are usually curious and open-minded. UX designers must be flexible and willing to adapt their designs based on what they learn through research.