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Cape Coral, FL Rating

Why choose this provider?

Boost Local provides marketing solutions to small businesses in Cape Coral. Its conversion-focused advertising solutions enable service providers to find the right traffic, elevate their brands, and convert more visits into qualified leads. The digital marketing agency produces pay-per-click advertising campaigns posted on various search engines. It also performs lead generation, local search engine optimization, and Google Business Profile setup. Its team has been working with businesses in the healthcare, financial, and legal sectors since 2023.

  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Video Production
  • Web Testing/Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC Advertising
  • Brand Development

Cape Coral, FL Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (4)

Why choose this provider?

Proven ROI provides businesses throughout the Cape Coral area with advertising services. It helps clients achieve their goals using data-driven marketing and CRM strategies. It applies digital advertising techniques, including audience segmentation, keyword targeting, and data analytics, to reach the right audience with the right message. It uses tactics such as PPC, SEO, and email, content, and social media marketing. Aside from serving companies, the firm also gives back to the community through several initiatives.

  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • CRM & Digital Marketing Strategy
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub Onboarding
  • HubSpot Consulting
  • HubSpot Sales Hub Onboarding
  • HubSpot Service Hub Onboarding

848 1st Avenue North, Suite 200, Naples, FL 34102 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (3)

Why choose this provider?

Dragon Horse Agency is a full-service advertising firm in Cape Coral working with local and national brands providing impactful marketing informed by intelligent business strategy. Dragon Horse Agency was the first agency to provide business consulting and full-service marketing under one roof, providing its clients and end-to-end platform of maximum support and flexibility for achieving their goals. Its team of professionals brings over 60 years of combined business and marketing experience building engaging, creative advertising campaigns for clients in all media and industries. Dragon Horse's advertising capabilities lead with expertise in digital and social media providing the industry's leading artificial intelligence software platform, DragonIQ, as well as end-to-end services including legacy media (Print/Radio/TV), graphic design, web design, public relations, content strategy, SEO, SEM, experiential, and business strategy. Dragon Horse Agency also has full production capabilities for print, radio, tv, video, drone, collateral, web, and social media. Contact Dragon Horse Agency at 239-325-5088 or Their second location is 999 Vanderbilt Beach Rd, Ste. 200, Naples, FL 34108

109 SW 15th Ter, Cape Coral, FL 33991 Rating

Review Sources

4.9 (15)
5.0 (10)

Why choose this provider?

KCo Ad Agency is a full-service advertising company in Cape Coral with additional locations in Austin and Peoria that have over 10 years' experience helping clients get their brands in front of consumers and drive sales. Its creative team builds advertising campaigns that use a mix of campaign strategies including designing and implementing print, TV, and radio advertisements. Other services include SEO, video production, web design, geotargeting, and social media management.

4600 Summerlin Rd Ste C-2500, Fort Myers, FL 33919 Rating

Why choose this provider?

Digital Diagnosis Marketing is a Cape Coral advertising agency that serves local businesses of all sizes. It offers social media ads, paid searches, SEO updates, targeted display ads, video ads, and graphic design services. Digital Diagnosis also creates billboard ads and develops both brand color schemes and logos. The agency's services include geographic and demographic targeting, effective ad design, A/B testing of ad components, and regular reports on the campaign's most recent results.

15275 Collier Blvd Ste 201, Naples, FL 34119 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

Since 2007, Webpuzzlemaster Digital Marketing Agency has been providing digital marketing services to local businesses and entrepreneurs in Cape Coral and the surrounding communities. The agency combines data analysis, professional web design and content creation, marketing with automation, and lead generation to help enterprises succeed in digital spaces. Its experts also use their mastery of WordPress to design high-converting websites with compelling content and automated lead funnels. Its approach is focused on marketing and obtaining customer reviews and follow-ups.

Fort Myers, FL Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (9)
5.0 (5)

Why choose this provider?

Visaggio & Co. provides full-service marketing, advertising, public relations, web development, and digital marketing services throughout Southwest Florida and beyond. Its creative team offers marketing and advertising strategy to build campaigns using ad creation, media planning, buying, and placement. It also designs direct mail pieces and promotional items for companies and nonprofits. Visaggio & Co. has worked with Fort Myers Christian School, multiple Habitat for Humanity affiliates, and the SKY Family YMCA. Other services include Google Ads, social media management, and public relations.

2925 NE 5th Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33909 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (11)

Why choose this provider?

Designs by MM, Inc. is a brand development agency driven to ensure clients succeed and their brands prosper. With a team of experienced marketing professionals, they have the drive, motivation and personality to help you grow your brand, your business and your customer base. Services include web design, graphic design, logo design, social media management, content curation and multimedia production.

1406 SE 46th Lane, Studio 7, Cape Coral, FL 33904 Rating

Review Sources

4.9 (12)

Why choose this provider?

BOOST Creative is a marketing and advertising agency in Cape Coral with over 12 years' experience developing visual voices for businesses. Its creative team serves small businesses, marketing consultants, in-house marketing departments, and event committees. The agency builds advertising campaigns with a combination of proven techniques, including Google Search Ads and display advertising on several Google products. BOOST Creative is a Google Partner, and it also offers web design and development and logo design.

12801 University Dr Suite 1,2,3,4, Fort Myers, FL 33907 Rating

Review Sources

4.8 (12)
4.7 (7)

Why choose this provider?

Quenzel Marketing Agency provides a full range of advertising services to clients in Cape Coral and Ft. Meyers. Its advertising specialists handle all phases of the process, including strategy planning, creative direction, production, and ROI reports. Quenzel creates advertisements in a variety of mediums, ranging from TV and radio to print and direct mail. The company's campaigns deliver copywriting, storyboards for video production, original creative concepts, scriptwriting, and digital content creation.

1401 Viscaya Pkwy Ste 1, Cape Coral, FL 33990 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (3)

Why choose this provider?

Marketing Blues has been providing advertising agency services in Cape Coral for small- and medium-sized businesses for over 19 years. Its creative team designs and places advertising messages in digital products to help clients reach consumers and improve their brands' ROI. The agency offers pay per click ads, social media placement, banner ads, and mobile advertising services. Marketing Blues' portfolio includes Southwest Lawn & Shrub Care, Inc., Coastal Outdoor Lighting, and Coastal Irrigation Plumbing.

2402 Bay St Ste 106, Fort Myers, FL 33901 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (10)
5.0 (2)

Why choose this provider?

Pushing the Envelope Inc. is a mixed marketing communications agency creating positive publicity for Cape Coral companies since 2006. Its experienced advertising team develops a customized package, including digital, print, radio, and television campaigns based on its clients' goals. It performs an advertising audit to determine current placement and performance and creates a strategy for improving ROI. Pushing the Envelope negotiates the best media buying rates, creates engaging designs, and coordinates schedules.

24301 Walden Center Dr Ste 300, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (4)
5.0 (3)

Why choose this provider?

Founded in 2009, Damonaz Design LLC is a digital marketing and advertising agency helping Cape Coral companies build a positive online presence that translates into increased ROI. Its team designs custom websites, performing in-depth market research to determine the most effective industry-specific keywords and credible links to add to its SEO content. It develops an advertising strategy that incorporates social media, email, directories, and blog posts and manages the timing and performance of each.

1004 Collier Center Way Ste 206, Naples, FL 34110 Rating

Why choose this provider?

ActiveData Digital Marketing is an advertising agency that operates throughout the Cape Coral metro area. The agency focuses on helping companies execute their visions for digital advertisements, handling everything from graphic design to digital deployment. Its advertising specialists handle PPC, SEO, email ads, general content creation, social media ads, and mobile applications. The team retargets site visitors and determines the most relevant demographics for each company. ActiveData also provides video advertisements and a unique spokesperson to help clients with marketing campaigns.

Cape Coral, FL 33904 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (3)

Why choose this provider?

Emereald Digital has helped Cape Coral companies develop a positive online presence and grow their businesses for more than 20 years. Its team performs market research and develops custom advertising strategies that effectively target its clients' customer base. Emereald Digital designs websites, integrating brand-specific SEO content with well-researched keywords and credible link builds to drive qualified organic traffic. It enhances public interest with social media, email, and PPC advertising, managing scheduling and performance.

8191 College Pkwy Ste 202, Fort Myers, FL 33919 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (7)
5.0 (1)

Why choose this provider?

Celsius Marketing Interactive is an advertising agency that operates throughout Cape Coral and Ft. Myers. It primarily works with clients in the educational industry. Its media team is skilled in developing organic and paid advertising strategies, as well as advertisements on Facebook, Google, and countless other platforms. Celsius offers media planning and buying services. The agency has worked with J-Tech Institute, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, and the International College of Broadcasting.

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Proven ROI
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Dragon Horse Agency
848 1st Avenue North, Suite 200, Naples, FL 34102
KCo Ad Agency
109 SW 15th Ter, Cape Coral, FL 33991
Digital Diagnosis Marketing
4600 Summerlin Rd Ste C-2500, Fort Myers, FL 33919
Webpuzzlemaster Digital Marketing Agency
15275 Collier Blvd Ste 201, Naples, FL 34119
Visaggio & Co.
Fort Myers, FL
Designs by MM, Inc.
2925 NE 5th Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33909
BOOST Creative
1406 SE 46th Lane, Studio 7, Cape Coral, FL 33904
Quenzel Marketing Agency
12801 University Dr Suite 1,2,3,4, Fort Myers, FL 33907
Marketing Blues
1401 Viscaya Pkwy Ste 1, Cape Coral, FL 33990
Pushing the Envelope, Inc.
2402 Bay St Ste 106, Fort Myers, FL 33901
Damonaz Design, LLC
24301 Walden Center Dr Ste 300, Bonita Springs, FL 34134
ActiveData Digital Marketing
1004 Collier Center Way Ste 206, Naples, FL 34110
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Celsius Marketing | Interactive
8191 College Pkwy Ste 202, Fort Myers, FL 33919


  • What is an advertising agency?

    Advertising agencies are hired by various sized businesses to create advertisements for different media platforms. Agencies are typically staffed with teams that include graphic designers, copywriters, planners, and art directors. These team members work together to understand a company's brand, values, and goals and create ads for platforms such as print, web, mobile, radio, and television.

    There are several types of advertising agencies, including:

    Full-Service Agencies

    • Plan, develop and execute advertisements
    • Staffed by experts in all areas of advertising and marketing

    Interactive Agencies

    • Focus on online and mobile advertising
    • Advertising methods often feature interactive technology

    Creative Boutiques

    • Focus on creative components of advertisements
    • Smaller companies with a limited team of copywriters and creative staff

    Media-Buying Agencies

    • Acts as a broker, buying and selling airtime and advertising space
  • What is a full-service advertising agency?

    Full-service advertising agencies work with clients throughout the entire advertising process, from conceptualizing and developing advertising content, to executing advertising strategies. Alternatively, companies can work with à la carte advertising agencies if they're only looking for help with one or two steps of the advertising process, such as ad creation or media buying.

  • How much do companies spend on advertising?

    Most experts recommend companies spend about 8% of their gross revenue on advertising and marketing, but this amount can vary depending on the company's preferred method of advertising. One of the most expensive ads ever produced is Pepsi's “Joy of Pepsi” Super Bowl ad featuring Britney Spears, which cost the company more than $8 million.

  • How do advertising agencies make money?

    While some advertising agencies charge an hourly rate or fixed fee for their services, other fee structures can be a bit more complex. Some advertising agencies may charge clients based on value—that is, they take a percentage of the client's return on investment (ROI). These kinds of fee structures typically carry less risk for the customer because the advertising agency is financially incentivized to produce successful advertising.

  • How can companies use social media to advertise?

    Social media advertising can be a low-cost option for businesses of all sizes. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram make it easy for companies to create their own advertisements and roll them out to their target audiences, with just a few clicks.

    However, while do-it-yourself social media advertising can be an effective solution for companies with limited advertising budgets, it goes without saying that the expertise of a skilled advertising agency shouldn't be discounted. Advertising experts can quickly help companies determine the best way to roll out social media campaigns and scale them to ensure a high return on investment.

  • What is a digital ad agency?

    Digital ad agencies combine the principles of traditional advertising, including graphic design and copywriting, with modern technology. These agencies typically go above and beyond standard advertising services, providing clients with a full host of marketing services and digital solutions. Some services that are commonly offered by digital ad agencies include:

    • Social media marketing
    • Search engine optimization
    • Content creation
    • Pay-per-click advertising
    • Website design
    • App development
    • Email marketing
    • Media campaigns
    • Video production
  • What ad agency does Geico use?

    For more than 25 years, Geico has been working with The Martin Agency. Together, this insurance provider and its advertising agency have created an enormous catalog of witty campaigns for television, radio, and digital media.

    Several principles are followed in the creation of Geico's ads, including light humor and clarity of brand. Following these principles, The Martin Agency has created a broad range of recognizable characters and ads for Geico, including the Hump Day campaign and, of course, Geico's famous gecko commercials.