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Find a Top-Ranked Charter Boat Near You

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Introduction

    For those looking to enjoy maximum freedom and luxury on their vacation, boat charters are a perfect choice. With plenty of space onboard to relax and unwind, a wide selection of water sports to choose from, and a number of charter options available, chartering a boat offers one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time on the water. And with a diverse selection of boats available worldwide, clients can explore in the regions they prefer.

    From sailing around the idyllic harbors in the Mediterranean to island-hopping in the sun-drenched Caribbean, a luxury charter vacation provides a wealth of exciting possibilities.
  • What is a charter boat?

    A charter boat offers an unbeatable opportunity to experience a luxury yacht without owning a vessel. There are a number of ways to enjoy the charter experience, from chartering with a professional crew to arranging a bareboat charter that allows you to take charge of the craft and hone your sailing skills.

  • What does it mean to charter a boat?

    Chartering a boat is the practice of hiring a motor or sailing yacht to travel around various island or coastal destinations. While chartering is usually a vacation activity, it's also a great way to host a business or party event. Charter clients can choose between a bareboat charter or skippered charter.

  • What is the difference between renting and chartering?

    Boat rentals typically last one day and get you just the boat, but chartering a boat gets you an unforgettable experience that lasts anywhere from three days to two weeks or more. Chartered boats are usually larger vessels, such as motor or sailing yachts, and experiences can be customized to suit your needs.

  • When is the charter yacht season?

    There are two charter yacht seasons: winter and summer. The summer charter season runs from May to October, and the winter season lasts from November to April. These seasons are dictated by the weather. Mediterranean destinations are popular in the summer season, while destinations in the Caribbean, Florida and the Indian Ocean are popular in winter.

  • How long does a yacht charter season last?

    Yachts can be chartered year-round, and the summer and winter seasons each last for six months. There are also peak and off-peak seasons to consider when planning a charter. During the winter, Christmas and New Years are peak times. During the summer season, July and August are the busiest charter months.

  • How do I charter a yacht?

    Most charter yacht experiences are arranged through a charter broker. Working with a charter broker provides a truly tailormade experience where clients can customize everything, from requesting a beach party for a special celebration to ordering specific foods and cocktails.

Find a Top-Ranked Charter Boat Near You