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Frequently Asked Questions


    Learning a bit about bicycle repair is a great way to ensure that your favorite way to exercise, commute, or have fun stays in good working order. While there are many professionals you can hire to repair your bike, learning how to do it yourself can save you money.

    Additionally, having some basic repair skills is crucial for any trips further than a mile from your home, as you never know when your chain, spokes, or crank arm may sustain damage. Since bikes are relatively simple machines compared to cars, learning how to keep yours in top shape doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

    How do I repair my bike?

    If your bike is broken and you're not initially sure what's wrong, run through this checklist of common fixes:

    • Lubricate your drive chain.
    • Inflate your tires (80 to 130 psi for road tires, 25 to 35 psi for mountain tires).
    • Tighten nuts and bolts, but don't overtighten.
    • Make sure brakes are carefully adjusted.
    • Ensure that your wheel isn't installed crooked.

    How much does it cost to repair a bike?

    Generally, more expensive bikes are going to be more expensive to repair, due to the increased cost of their parts. On average, you can expect to spend $60 for a full bike assembly while a total repair overhaul can cost between $120 and $250.

    Is my bike worth fixing?

    It's important to remember that bikes cost money to keep in top shape, and even a new bike will require some repairs within a few months. As long as your frame is not cracked, bent, or dented, it is usually worth repairing or replacing the other components.

    What do I need in a bike repair kit?

    Remember to carry all of the following items whenever you set out on a long bike trip:

    • Flat repair kit (spare tubes, tire levers, and a pump)
    • Hand wipes or rubber gloves
    • Set of hex wrenches
    • Multitool
    • Philips and flathead screwdrivers
    • Simple cleaning supplies
    • Pedal wrench
    • Chain lube and grease

    Can a rusty bike be saved?

    Unless rust has been left unattended for long enough to cause serious structural damage, you can remove it yourself with simple household products. Baking soda, vinegar, and a rag can be enough to strip away any rust and have your bike looking new.

    How many years can a bike last?

    The main factor that affects your bike's lifespan is how much you ride it. With everyday riding, you can expect it to last about five years. If you ride it only half as often, you can expect it to last twice as long.

    Is it easy to fix a bike?

    While many biking novices are intimidated by bicycle repair, the fact is a few simple tools and know-how can make the most common problems easy. Minor repairs can be accomplished with the right tools, but for more complicated repairs, you may need to hire a professional.

    How much does it cost to replace a bicycle tire?

    Depending on the type of bike you have, a tire replacement can cost between $50 and $100. Mountain bike tires are a little more bulky and expensive while road bike tires are more lightweight and less costly.

    Why is bike servicing so expensive?

    The two main factors that contribute to the cost of bike servicing are the cost of parts and the cost of labor. Generally, parts that are sold individually are sold at a higher rate than those sold as a completed bicycle. Because serious bike repairs take years of experience, experts can charge a high fee.

    Is it worth refurbishing an old bike?

    In many cases, refurbishing an old bike can cost more than simply buying a new one. However, you should consider more than the total cost when making your decision. It takes time to adapt to the feel of a new bike, and simply trading in your old one can feel like a waste.

    What do I do with old bikes?

    The best thing to do with an old bike is donate it to a shop that can refurbish it and sell it as new. Otherwise, it can be taken to your nearest recycling center where the steel or aluminum components can be broken down into their raw materials.

    How do you maintain an old bike?

    To keep your bike in the best shape, be sure to check your old bike for signs of wear on the chain, nuts and bolts, cables, bearings, and suspension. Worn parts should be replaced regularly to ensure they are working smoothly.

    Do bike frames wear out?

    Frames are the most durable part of your bike and can be expected to last anywhere between 6 and 40 years. Steel frames tend to be more durable, but aluminum ones are more lightweight and fragile. The design also plays a role too, with more expensive bikes tending to last longer.

    How do you diagnose a bike problem?

    Accurately diagnosing your bike's problem means knowing all of the common symptoms of a broken bike. The first step is to identify which part needs attention. Take a close look at the pedals, brakes, chain, wheels, tires, and frame to see what needs attention.

    How many miles on a bicycle is a lot?

    Once a bike has been ridden for 25,000 miles, it may start to show more serious signs of wear and cracking in the frame. However, it is not uncommon to find bikes that last for 40,000 miles or more. A quality build and regular maintenance can help a bike last longer.

    What should I do if my bike tire is flat?

    Fixing a flat is one of the first things new bike owners should learn to do for themselves. Follow these steps for a simple replacement:

    • Remove the wheel from the bike.
    • Remove the tube from the tire.
    • Locate the cause of the flat.
    • Patch the tube or replace it.
    • Reinstall your wheel.

    How do you carry a bike repair kit?

    Repair kits are a necessary part of bike ownership but can sometimes be difficult to take on the go. If you don't want to stash yours in a backpack, consider purchasing a specialized pack that can attach directly to your bike. That way, you'll always have all your tools on hand for when you need them.

    How often should I oil my bike chain?

    No matter how often you ride your bike, you should oil your chain at least once every month. However, if you ride it every day, once per week may be more appropriate. If you're not sure whether your chain needs oil, check to make sure your back tire spins smoothly.

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