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Agility Spine and Sports Physical Therapy has served the community of Tuscon for almost 20 years. Its team of physical therapists works with clients to help them understand their sport or musculoskeletal injury and discover how to rehabilitate to be free of pain and to get back to everyday life. Many have written testimonials to prove that Agility's care has worked, and a fun touch is that patients who graduate from their treatment get to celebrate their healing by banging Agility's large gong.

Tygiel Physical Therapy at its Tucson location treats everything from ankle dysfunction and pain to sport and work injuries. Its team believes in preventive measures, offering fall risk detection, fall and injury prevention, and balance rehabilitation. Some clients write that they regained full movement, others that they found the ability to return to sports competitions, and still others who are happy simply to live a pain-free life.

Arizona Physical Therapy PC has been providing services to Southern Arizona for over 20 years, now in Tucson and Nogales. Its staff specializes in treating clients with orthopedic or spine injuries and long term headache pain as well as those who have been injured in automobile accidents, on the job, or in sports. Arizona Physical Therapy PC works in cooperation with most companies dealing with health insurance.

Athlon Physical Therapy aims to better the community with its three accessible locations in the greater Tucson region. It educates and helps its clients with issues surrounding oncology treatment, arthritis, falling, joint dysfunction, and diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and Parkinson's. Above all, Athlon Physical Therapy strives for movement for life, winning a 2012 National Award for its work on helping others reach the goal of lifetime movement.

Desert Palms Physical Therapy Movement Studio Institute opened in Tucson almost 20 years ago, offering physical therapy, sports medicine, and help with work injuries. A movement studio was added in 2007, which meant the addition of acupuncture, massage therapy, and pilates for a holistic approach to movement. A second location in 2014 further added disciplines and services such as nutritional advice, Thai body training, yoga, dance, and integrative medicine

Evolve Physical Therapy and Sports Performance in East Tucson offers a variety of means to help prevent injury but also to recover and ease pain should it happen. It introduces whole body cryotherapy to enhance recovery and performance, rehabilitate, and improve mood and energy. Cold laser therapy, kinesiology taping, electrical stimulation, and a variety of other new techniques are all available. Evolve employs personal trainers and individualized training programs for athletes or for anyone who wants an improved lifestyle.

Halili Physical Therapy in Tucson uses several types of treatment methods in their services which include chronic pain; inflammatory, arthritic, and neurological conditions; back, neck, and joint injuries; and post-surgical rehabilitation. The center gets ideas for treatments from spinal manipulation, neuromuscular retraining, therapeutic exercise, and other neurological and orthopedic techniques. It participates in many insurance plans.

Marana Physical Therapy is open at two Tucson locations with a mission to reduce pain and to improve overall functioning on an individual basis. Physical Therapists Jerry and Connie McCollow have been practicing in Tucson after graduating from Northern Arizona University over 30 years ago, and patients enjoy the youthfulness and pleasantness of Physical Therapist Assistant Shawn Horodecki. Clients have written about the practice's professionalism and ability to help them be free of pain and in some cases carry on with competitive sports.

Noonan Physical Therapy and Associates is a Tucson and Oro Valley business that focuses on patients and offers physical, occupational, and massage therapy to keep people in motion. Its team of physical therapists will tailor personal wellness plans, and offers a full range of services including certified hand therapy, ease of back pain, work injury and auto accident recovery, and dry needling treatment. The goal is to help patients achieve a high quality of life

Peak Action Physical Therapy of Tuscon focuses on physical therapy for athletes with sports-related and orthopedic injuries, including both elite and weekend athletes. Its aim is to free patients of pain and to give them back mobility and return to sports as soon as can be. Patients are treated with techniques in manual therapy and specific individual exercises for rehabilitation.

ProActive Physical Therapy has six Tucson locations to help patients with improving or restoring their mobility. It offers individual plans to wellness, teaching its clients to use leading edge techniques to enhance the flexibility body joints. ProActive believes that improved mobility and health results from promoting education about conditions and injuries, work and sports activities, health issues specific to women, care for pain, and of course about physical therapy itself.

R&R Physical Therapy was founded in Tucson almost 20 years ago. Founder Rosemary Gecosala became inspired to leave engineering and open the business when physical therapy gave back her mother's ability to walk. R&R Therapy works to relieve the pain of its patients and return them to active lives and provides ways to focus on further healing at home. Programs include massage and physical therapy, finding the root of neck and back pain, headache relief, laser treatments, and community education classes to help with decision making.

For over 20 years, Sanderson and DuBois Momentum Physical Therapy, LLC has been providing Tucson residents of all ages with physical therapy to relieve pain and to find optimum physical functioning. Sanderson and DuBois Momentum focuses on sharpening the mind to help the body function well for aspiring athletes at all stages, individuals of any age injured at work, and older people experiencing changes in movement as they age. Beyond physical therapy, it offers wellness programs, strategies for the enhancement of general or sports performance, and pelvic floor training classes.

Simon's Physical Therapy serves families in Tucson with a comprehensive approach by its physical therapists, some with over 20 years individual experience in the business and with over 100 years combined experience. It offers services such as mind-body medicine, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, vestibular rehabilitation, reiki, and treatment of chronic and headache pain.

Success Physical Therapy offers several services in Tucson where Dianna Fassett has practiced physical therapy for almost 20 years. Her practice includes education and wellness classes, sports rehabilitation, and pelvic floor physical therapy. She does initial evaluations before treatment which include techniques such as gait training, exercise instruction, education, and ways to optimize muscular function and to deal with pain.

The Motive Physical Therapy Specialists is a locally owned and operated company based in Oro Valley, Arizona, that operates throughout Tucson and surrounding areas. The company focuses exclusively on providing physical therapy experiences in a one-on-one setting, specializing in back pain, knee replacement rehabilitation, and neck pain. It treats stiffness and balance problems without medication or surgery, combining physical therapy, acupuncture, and deep-tissue massage. The business also offers assessments and bike fittings from a cycling expert.

Tucson Physical Therapy offers physical, aqua, and hand therapy services in its four Tucson locations. Skills such as being able to bend, lift, throw, and walk can be taken for granted until the time comes when they become a struggle. Tucson's Physical Therapy's university-educated and trained physical therapists know how to restore that motion through pain reduction, muscle retraining, and strength restoration.

Wallace Physical Therapy has been providing services to Tucson residents for almost 20 years, now at two locations. Its goal through rehabilitation and education is to get patients free of pain and moving again. Specialty services include vestibular and industrial rehabilitation, sports, and orthopedic. Wallace Physical Therapy's main office includes a rehabilitation gym and six treatment rooms, and past patients recommend the business to friends and family.

Waves Physical Therapy Wellness in Tucson creates an individual plan for treatment for each patient, beginning with an evaluation and assessment. Its physical therapists treat common injuries to the arm, shoulder, spine, hip, foot and ankle. Some of these injuries include rotator cuff strains, herniated and bulging discs, labral tears of the hip, plantar fasciitis, tennis and golfer's elbow, and UCL tears to the thumb. They also treat common conditions including patella femoral syndrome, shoulder instability, degenerative disc disease, ITB syndrome, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Waves houses a store on-site with many physical therapy tools for sale.

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