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ABCD Medicare sells health insurance policies to individuals, particularly those eligible for Medicare programs. It also sells life insurance packages, and combines both types of insurance services to deliver well-rounded senior planning services. However, this company also sells group health packages that allow clients to experience particular benefits associated with the volume-based format. ABCD Medicare partners with a multitude of carriers that provide diverse policy options to clients with different needs and interests.


Allen Financial Insurance Group is active throughout the Scottsdale metro area and assists clients with all manner of health and life insurance needs related to horses. It sells these insurance products to various kinds of individuals and businesses that own and work with equestrian animals and sells policies that cover a range of liabilities related to their health and lives. Allen Financial Insurance Group also offers a multitude of commercial and general business insurance products.

Anytime Life is a life insurance agency in Scottsdale offering a complete assortment of insurance products. Term, whole, and universal life insurance products are all available in various forms, and agents are prepared to assist clients with the shopping and policy customization processes to ensure that they end up with policies that suit their needs. Anytime Life also sells long-term care policies so that clients can provision for medical supervision and care costs in later stages of life.

Apex Insurance Partners is a life insurance agency in Scottsdale insuring individuals to reduce the financial liabilities associated with death. It handles term, whole, and universal life policies and provides consultation services to help clients determine which type of policy they need. Aside from life insurance coverage for individuals, Apex Insurance Partners also offers a lot of different insurance products for miscellaneous personal and business needs that don't involve health or death-related liabilities.

Avail Insurance is a health insurance company serving the Scottsdale metro area. Established by a founder with over a decade of experience in the insurance industry, this company is thoroughly prepared to help clients navigate the insurance buying process, whether they need public or private health insurance plans for individuals, families, or their employees. This company often serves clients participating in various Medicare programs. Coverage for dental and vision needs is also available. Avail Insurance sells life insurance and final expense plans too.

Brokers Alliance is active in the Scottsdale metro area, selling life insurance policies to individuals who need coverage for a variety of costs associated with death and remaining dependents. Usually its agents help clients interested in life insurance plans to navigate options provided by various carriers and select policies that fit their circumstances. However, this company is also highly experienced with annuities and offers flexible options to clients who want to invest in different ways.

H. Scott Zee & Associates is a health insurance company in Scottsdale serving clients all over the metro area. This company often works with clients who do or want to participate in Medicare plans as well as Medicare supplement plans, and it provides guidance for both of these programs as well as a variety of insurance product packages. However, this company also offers miscellaneous health insurance benefits packages, and it sells critical illness and life insurance coverage too.

Lyfe Advisors is an independent insurance agency with extensive experience in life insurance and general financial planning services geared towards individuals of older age. It assists clients with life insurance policies, as well as disability policies, and works to find policies by associated carriers that can cover their expenses and financial vulnerabilities following death. Its agents are experienced with Medicare policies and regularly help clients with related concerns. Retirement services are also available.

Marie B. Gonzales Insurance Agent is a independent agency that sells life insurance. It's experienced with every type of life insurance policy and works with clients to find the right products for them, whether those products be term, whole, or universal life policies. It also manages policies, acting as a consultant and liaison to clients who need various services following the solidification of policy purchases, or who need to make claims with their carriers.

Phoenix Health Insurance is a life insurance company in Scottsdale that sells individual and group health insurance plans as well as life insurance plans. This company has experience with standard health plans, but it also assists clients with Medicare-related insurance needs. It sells life insurance packages that provision for remaining expenses and children's future financial needs and provide debt relief. Clients can also purchase coverage for long-term care needs, as with nursing homes and other types of assisted living facilities.

Ralph Norman is a life insurance company that primarily works with people nearing retirement. It assists with life insurance purchases within the process of delivering comprehensive financial and life planning advice to those who are typically purchasing life insurance policies to provision for end-of-life expenses and as investments. Ralph Norman offers different types of life insurance plans, including those that include benefits for long-term care needs. Annuities services are available too.

Spence Cassidy & Associates is an independent health insurance company in Scottsdale that also has a financial background. It sells individual and group health insurance packages to suit personal or business-related needs and assists with the entire shopping and policy agreement process, as well as needs related to claims and policy changes. Spence Cassidy & Associates sells life insurance policies too, as well as coverage for disability and long-term care.

Stern Insurance Group Inc. is an independent agency in business since 1987 that sells health benefits packages for employees as well as individual coverage products. This company is particularly experienced with employee benefits packages and helps employers to navigate a range of options that provide certain amounts of coverage for their employees' medical liabilities. It also advises them on mandatory coverage minimums decided by industry regulations and governing bodies. Life insurance plans for all major types of life insurance are available as well.


Tyrol Insurance Agency is a family owned insurance brokerage with over 50 years of industry experience selling life and health insurance policies. It sells life insurance policies that protect its clients' dependents from financial vulnerabilities associated with the loss of their income or the inability to provide for various future life expenses, such as education. Tyrol Insurance sells both fee-for-service and managed care plans that give clients a choice of how they would like to approach coverage. Long-term care policies are available as well.

Watermark Wealth Strategies LLC is a life insurance company in Scottsdale serving clients all over the metro area. This company specializes in private wealth management and helps clients to make life insurance plans that contribute positively to their long-term goals and provide adequately for their dependents. In addition to policies that cover costs associated with sudden death or disability, Watermark Wealth Strategies LLC also assists clients with needs related to retirement as well as long-term care.

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