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Based in Mesa, Arizona, Denali Real Estate LLC is a residential real estate sales and property management company serving owners and renters throughout the Phoenix Metroplex. Founded in 2009, it focuses primarily on residential income properties. The company assesses potential investment opportunities for buyers, provides on and offline marketing services, screens rental applicants for landlords, and supplies regular and clear cash-flow reports and ensure all tax and legal forms are filed.


Acora Asset Management can fulfil the needs of real estate investors who need property managers in Phoenix. Delivering over 50 years of real estate and business experience, this company is exceptionally prepared for virtually any scenario and is able to deliver proactive services that protect clients from future issues. It takes measures to maximize each clients' monthly cash flow while performing in-depth accounting to deliver detailed financial reports. It also handles repair and maintenance needs for all of the units under its control.

AirMGR is a property management company doing business in and around the Phoenix metro area. This company focuses on management services for vacation rentals and handles the setup and aftermath for every visit from guests. It books guests by marketing its clients' properties and ensures that said properties are properly prepared. It also cleans upon their departure to prepare for more visitors. Financial reports are provided on a monthly basis and dynamic pricing options are available.

Arizona Property Brokerage offers property management services in Phoenix to real estate investors seeking to make profit from residential properties. This company has over 30 years of experience and is highly familiar with rental practices as well as potential pitfalls, and it advises clients closely while following best practices. Its marketing services are available to help clients fill vacant units with qualified tenants. It also oversees maintenance requests for preventative measures and to keep tenants secure.

Axis Property Advisors does property management work for clients in and around the Phoenix metro area. This company allows clients to make flexible selections of services to outsource only those things they don't intend to do themselves. It manages the entire leasing process, drafting agreements and making sure they are properly completed by selected tenants. It screens tenants beforehand to check for their legitimacy and guard clients from financial loss. Axis Property Advisors also handles accounting, security, and maintenance needs.

AZ Prime Property Management is a full service Arizona property management company specializing in property management services throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, servicing over 40 cities valley wide of single family residential rental homes, multiplexes, condos, town homes, mid to long term vacation rentals, light commercial and more!

Basin Capital Properties is a property management company that provides services for all three major areas of property management. It conducts the tenant search and screening process, doing thorough evaluations to determine if applicants are qualified for its clients' units. It collects rental payments from tenants at set intervals and makes sure to make payments on behalf of its clients to entities with interests in the properties, such as governing bodies and homeowners' associations. Basin Capital Properties also schedules work orders when properties need repairs.

Capstone Realty Professionals employs property managers in Phoenix who are trained to help clients address a multitude of challenges related to residential property management. It has over 25 years of experience and doubles as a real estate brokerage, providing it with detailed knowledge of local markets that helps when employing pricing strategies and marketing properties to potential applicants. Capstone Realty Professionals can also serve clients by helping them to find and purchase income-producing real estate holdings.


E & G Real Estate Services is a full-service property management company founded in 2013 with an impeccable record for finding quality tenants. The team offers property management, leasing, and sales services for both institutional level investors and mom and pop owners. E & G Real Estate's background in commercial real estate investment sales uniquely positions them among their competitors to understand long-term investment strategies in the Metro Phoenix marketplace.

ERB Realty provides property management services in Phoenix and assists with every aspect of renting investment property. Primarily a real estate company, this business handles basic tenets of all property management scenarios. It collects rent, keeps financial logs, handles maintenance and repair needs, and coordinates communications between tenants and landlords when issues arise. ERB Realty can also help prospective landlords to find and purchase properties that can produce them income via leasing.

Fort Lowell Realty & Property Management does business throughout the Phoenix metro area with homeowners and investors who want external management for their properties and tenants. It markets rental properties using aggressive means to resolve vacancies as quickly as possible before screening subsequent applicants to reduce liability. This company has a multitude of rent collection methods and also makes certain to pay its clients' bills on time, whether they be utilities, HOA fees, or taxes.

Gregory Real Estate and Management LLC specializes in property management services for residential rentals, multifamily properties, and scenarios involving absent owners. It gives pricing advice to maximize rental returns and protects the assets of investors, banks, and other entities using protective measures such as in-depth applicant screening and regular maintenance services. It also offers repair and cleaning services through s network of trusted vendors, allowing for reduced fees and heightened convenience when finding appropriate service providers.

HomeQwik is a firm of property managers in Phoenix that provides full-service management services. It's a family-owned business that balances tenant and owner needs and advises owners on how to price properties correctly to attract the right tenants quickly. It conducts preventative maintenance and repairs, preserving the condition of clients' investments to keep costs down. The firm also offers a six-month tenant guarantee, providing customers with a new tenant and lease if the current tenant vacates within six months.

Maverick Residential Company is a property management company in Phoenix. Its team of experienced property managers handles all rental management tasks on behalf of multifamily property owners. Services include marketing, leasing, property inspections, tenant screening, and rent collection. Property managers are accessible 24 hours a day for emergencies. Maverick Residential Company also handles all contract negotiations and manages communications with vendors and tenants. All properties are pet friendly and in compliance with the Fair Housing Act.

MBA Real Estate provides property management services to clients all over the Phoenix metro area. Its services are extensive and address virtually all of the needs both tenants and landlords might desire. It handles all financial responsibilities including the collection of rent, the payment of bills, and documentation of both categories. It also deals directly with tenants and addresses complaints pertaining to damaged or malfunctioning units by coordinating repair efforts. MBA Real Estate handles regular property maintenance as well.

P.J. Hussey is a property management company in Phoenix offering complete services to real estate investors and landlords. This small family-owned business is focused on building close relationships with its clients. It serves investors by managing their tenants and coordinating communications, marketing units if they lack tenants, and doing rent collection on their behalf. This company has a particular track record of attracting and retaining qualified tenants, in part due to its strict vetting processes.

Peace Properties LLC is experienced with property management and remains primarily active within the Phoenix metro area. It uses an extensive screening process to ensure selection of only the most qualified tenants for its clients' properties and also advises on price points to make sure that clients don't leave money on the table. Peace Properties LLC does recurring maintenance work on properties too. Monthly revenue and expense statements keep clients informed about the financial states of their properties and leases.

Property Minders offers property management services in Phoenix. It advertises, markets, and tours properties to get them occupied by qualified tenants, who it thoroughly screens to ensure their solvency. It advises on rental rates by drawing conclusions from market data and leasing analyses. Property Minders also handles rent collection and organizes financial statements. Oversight of third-party service vendors is performed as well, to endure maintenance work is properly performed only by qualified professionals.

PropertyAZ is a property management company serving clients in the Phoenix metro area. While it does charge a percentage of monthly rental income, this company often saves clients money by responding quickly to time-sensitive issues and leveraging real estate knowledge to maximize the income derived through rental pricing. It's also able to help clients save money with various service companies due to the multitude of business relationships that it maintains. PropertyAZ offers real estate brokerage services as well.

PropertyAZ is a real estate company that offers property management services to homeowners seeking oversight and management services for their income-producing properties. It performs basic property management services such as advertising and tenant screening, and it ensures that tenants have paid rent by a particular date each month. Since it's so heavily involved in the real estate market, this company is able to offer a more robust insight into rental pricing strategies than one without the depth of involvement.


Real Estate Management Network LLC is a property management company composed of experienced professionals with backgrounds in real estate, business, and investing. It advises clients concerning their properties and offers a multitude of solutions to make said process more convenient, such as annual inspection and maintenance services as well as rent collection practices. It also remains abreast of market trends and offers this knowledge to clients making rental pricing decisions to help them earn as much profit as possible.

Real Property Management Phoenix Valley provides the services of experienced property managers in Phoenix to residential property owners seeking investment income. This company uses aggressive targeted marketing methods to find and reach the tenants that best suit its clients' properties. Once they are in, it does all of the monthly work related to upkeep and maintenance as well as finances, such as rent collection and tax payment. Real Property Management Phoenix Valley also oversees compliance with HOA organizations.

The Louis Group does property management work for investors with properties throughout the Phoenix metro area. This company devises custom leasing agreements to fulfil flexible scenarios and conducts background and credit checks on prospective tenants to help clients find the highest quality tenants their property can attract. It provides reports on a weekly and monthly basis, as well as for 1099 filings. The Louis Group also advertises properties to maintain low vacancy rates and keep profit margins stable.

Total Property Management Inc. offers comprehensive property management services to community organizations and clients with diverse real estate investment interests. Among its most universal services are maintenance request response services and comprehensive management reporting. This company has experience managing properties as well as groups of properties and is knowledgeable about rent collection and risk mitigation methods. Total Property Management Inc. operates in-house mentoring programs for property managers and participates in multiple educational networks.


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