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AmeriFirst Financial Inc. can help homeowners looking for mortgage refinance lenders in Gilbert and nearby cities. It's a small but experienced team who take a personalized approach, working with their clients, and educating them on the pros and cons of various refinance loan programs. The team can arrange conventional and government-backed loans, such as USDA mortgages for clients living in rural locations and VA loans for veterans, their families, and those currently serving.

The mortgage advisors at Barrett Financial Group LLC are home loan experts who can arrange home mortgage refinance in Gilbert and the neighboring communities. The company offers a full range of mortgage options, tailored to help homeowners satisfy the reason that made them choose to refinance, such as lowering monthly payments or shortening the term of the loan. The group can offer fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages, Hybrid ARMS from one to seven years, and FHA and VA-backed loans.


The Home Loan Expert LLC has been providing mortgage refinance services for clients in Gilbert and the surrounding communities for over 15 years. It works with homeowners to pay off high-interest debt and secure lower interest rates for smaller mortgage payments or shorter loan terms to own their home outright, faster. The Home Loan Expert LLC team has streamlined the refinance process and walks customers step-by-step and can close most new loans in 15 to 30 days.


Located near Gilbert, Desert State Mortgage is a full-service mortgage company that serves customers throughout Arizona. As well as arranging standard mortgage applications, it specializes in tailoring mortgage refinancing loans. The company can help customers with good credit get jumbo loans, serving members and veterans benefit from the competitive rates associated with VA loans, and customers with existing FHA mortgages move from adjustable-rates to fixed-rates. Desert State Mortgage can also help seniors arrange Reverse mortgage loans.

Driven Lending is an Arizona-based company that provides a range of mortgage services, which includes finding mortgage refinance programs for homeowners in the Gilbert metro area. Founded in 2019 by mortgage specialists with a combined experience exceeding 50 years, the company can arrange refinancing for all property types, including single and multi-family homes and condominiums. The small team arranges conventional fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans, as well as those backed by the FHA and VA.

The Cristerna Team works with the Barrett Financial Group to help homeowners refinance their mortgages with new loans that take advantage of lower interest rates. The team can help refinance most types of home, including single and multi-family, condos, and townhouses. There's a wide selection of loan-types available, including fixed-rate and adjustable-rate conventional mortgages, VA loans for military personnel, FHA loans for those with weaker credit scores, and Reverse mortgages for seniors.

The mortgage refinance experts at House Loans Mortgage Services Corp. can help homeowners prequalify for a loan to replace their existing mortgage and benefit from lower interest rates. The company serves customers throughout the Gilbert metro area. It specializes in arranging conventional fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans for qualifying customers and government-backed VA and FHA loans for current and previous members of the military and homeowners with existing FHA mortgages. In select cases, it can also arrange 100% financing.

Jon Robinson is a residential mortgage loan expert with the Peoples Mortgage Company, serving homeowners throughout Gilbert and the surrounding cities. He can leverage his relationships with various lenders to find competitive rates on a range of refinance mortgage programs. These include VA and VA jumbo loans for those currently serving, veterans, and their families, as well as FHA loans for those on lower incomes and who might not have a strong credit score.

MortgageOne Inc. is a mortgage refinance company in Gilbert, helping homeowners throughout the metro area find a loan that will satisfy their current needs. Its loan officers can tailor programs, such as VA loans with flexible options and lower rates for serving military personnel and veterans. They can also arrange jumbo home loans for customers with stronger credit scores and FHA loans for customers whose scores aren't as strong. They also offer fixed-rate mortgages.

The underwriters at Starboard Financial Management are mortgage refinance lenders in Gilbert, providing homeowners across the metro area with various programs to help them benefit from lower interest rates. They can offer conventional loans for qualifying applicants as well as government-backed loans for homeowners who either have existing FHA mortgages, are past or present members of the military, or are on low-incomes and live in rural communities. The company also arranges mortgages for first-time buyers.

Stewardship Mortgage LLC offers services for home mortgage refinance in Gilbert. This company refinances primarily home mortgages and consults clients to assess their needs and help them pursue new terms that can contribute to their financial goals. In many instances it restructures mortgages through refinancing to lower monthly interest rates and payments to the principal. Stewardship Mortgage LLC also provides financing services to clients seeking to secure investor loans for real estate and business purposes.

Team Work Mortgage is a small team of mortgage experts with more than 50 years of combined experience in the sector. They routinely help homeowners prequalify, and arrange to refinance their mortgages, specializing in manufactured homes and park models in the state of Arizona. The team has strong relationships with select lenders and can offer a range of tailored refinancing options. The process can take between three and six weeks.

The Augustyniak Team of People's Mortgage is a mortgage refinance company in Gilbert that serves home owners by providing consulting services and managing the refinancing process for clients seeking benefits such as lower interest rates and lower monthly payments. This company handles multiple types of mortgages including VA, FHA, and USDA as well as jumbo home loans. It's also experienced with HUD and Homepath mortgages. The Augustyniak Team of People's Mortgage does reverse mortgages, Freddie Mac relief, and escrow repair too.

The Gething Team of People's Mortgage Company arranges home mortgage refinance in Gilbert and neighboring communities. The senior loan officer is Brian Gething, an experienced mortgage specialist who can access a range of loan options for qualifying homeowners looking to refinance. His team can arrange standard and jumbo loans for veterans and those who serve, USDA loans for low-income earners in rural locations, and FHA loans for qualifying applicants. They also routinely find the best conventional loans for their customers.

The Jake Taylor Team at Pilot Mortgage LLC has more than 20 years of experience helping customers refinance their mortgage, save money, and benefit from lower interest rates. Mr. Taylor can give a detailed quote based on basic information provided by phone, email, or in person at his Gilbert office. As a broker, he's not tied to one lender, so he can scour the market for the best conventional, FHA, VA, or USDA loans for his clients.


The Thom Team, led by senior loan officer Jared Thom, form part of Nova Home Loans, who have been helping customers buy homes and refinance their mortgages since 1980. The Thom Team can assist homeowners who want to refinance. They routinely arrange conventional loans with fixed and adjustable rates, as well as helping veterans benefit from VA loans, homeowners with rural homes get assistance with USDA loans, and those with solid credit apply for jumbo loans.

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