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7227 E. Baseline Road Suite 109, Mesa, AZ 85209 Rating

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Bike Accident Attorneys assists injured individuals in Avondale and nearby areas in filing bicycle accident claims. Its national network of bicycle accident attorneys are cyclists first and attorneys second. Handling bicycle-specific cases, they collaborate with accident investigators and the police to determine what happened and who was at fault. They help victims understand and navigate the legal process as well as deal with medical billing issues. One of the attorneys, Ben Dodge, has been protecting the rights of bicyclists since 2006.

  • Personal Injury

7000 N 16th St, Ste 120 PMB 611, Phoenix, AZ 85020

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Engstrand Law Firm serves clients in Avondale. It advocates for individuals who have suffered injuries and financial burdens as a result of bicycle accidents. It works to hold owners accountable for their negligent acts and fight for victims' rights to fair and complete recompense. It conducts a detailed analysis of a case to determine all viable solutions. Car accidents and truck collisions are among the other cases it handles. The firm's lawyer, Carl Engstrand, has been fighting for the rights of injured parties since 2013.

  • Personal Injury

3003 N Central Ave Suite 2600, Phoenix, AZ 85012

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Phoenix Injury Attorneys serves clients in Avondale. It advocates for the rights of cyclists injured in mishaps brought on by the carelessness of others. To establish a case and hold the at-fault parties accountable for plaintiffs' damages, the firm gathers evidence and conducts invetsigations. It negotiates settlements with defendants' insurance companies and, as needed, takes cases to court to seek favorable outcomes. The firm's lawyer, Khalil Chuck Saigh, has been handling injury claims for over two decades. Its affiliations include the Arizona Association for Justice.

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  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Avondale, Arizona?

    The non-emergency phone number of the Avondale Police Department is 623-333-7001.

  • Where do bicycle accidents in Avondale usually happen?

    As bicycle crashes are a common occurrence in Avondale, the large majority of crashes in the area and the rest of Arizona are observed to happen more frequently at intersections. Most of the time, when the motorist is at fault, it’s because they fail to yield the right-of-way to the cyclist, like when they turn left in front of a cyclist, pull out from a stop sign, or dive into a cyclist’s path.

  • Are you required to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle in Avondale?

    Wearing a helmet is not a requirement when riding a bicycle in Avondale. In fact, in Arizona, only three cities, namely Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Yuma and Pima County, have mandatory helmet laws for cyclists under the age of 18. That said, it would still be best if you wear a helmet at all times when riding a bicycle to reduce your risk of suffering from catastrophic head or brain injuries in the event of an accident.

  • Can you still be compensated if you are partially responsible for your bicycle accident in Avondale?

    Since Arizona follows the pure comparative negligence doctrine, you are still allowed to recover damages even if you are partially at fault for your bicycle accident in Avondale. Under this system, you may be compensated for the percentage of the damage the court finds the other party to be responsible for.

  • Can you ride your bicycle away from the road edge in Avondale?

    As a bicyclist in Avondale, you are permitted by Arizona’s Bicycle Safety Laws to ride far enough from the road edge to stay clear of potholes, surface debris, rough pavement, pavement joints, and drain grates. You are also allowed to steer away to avoid pedestrians, parked vehicles, dogs, and other objects on the road. Ultimately, you may occupy any part of a lane whenever your own safety warrants it.

  • How much time do you have to file a bicycle accident claim in Avondale?

    If you are looking to pursue a bicycle accident claim in Avondale, you must do so within two years from the date when your injury occurred or from the date when your injury was discovered. This legal deadline is also known as the statute of limitations. If you fail to bring your case before the two-year window expires, you may lose your right to recover damages.