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206 N. Lena St., Tuscaloosa, AL 36303 Rating

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4.8 (18)
5.0 (2)

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Jones & Associates caters to individuals in Tuscaloosa. Its legal team supports bicycle accident victims in fighting for their right to receive compensation. It evaluates some of the most common causes of bike accidents, such as inattentiveness or distractions, improper or illegal crossing, and intoxicated drivers. The firm also deals with lawsuits concerning car accidents, nursing home abuse, premises liability, and wrongful death. Founder M. Adam Jones has been recognized as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in Alabama by the National Trial Lawyers.

  • Personal Injury

102 South Orange Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL 36301 Rating

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Carey & Hamner, P.C., has been serving the people of Tuscaloosa since 2002. It represents bicyclists who sustained medical issues, such as spinal damage, skin abrasions, organ failure, and broken bones, due to another driver's negligent actions. These include DUI, speeding, and failing to brake at a red light. The firm handles other personal injury cases, involving auto, construction, truck, and boat accidents. Partners Terry M. Carey and Steven R. Hamner have over four decades of combined legal experience. Hamner is a former insurance claim adjuster.

  • Personal Injury

611 E Glenn Ave, Tuscaloosa, AL 36830 Rating

Review Sources

4.4 (18)

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Haygood, Cleveland, Pierce, Thompson & Short, Attorneys at Law, has been representing bicycle accident victims in Tuscaloosa since 1959. Its legal team investigates each client's accident, comes up with a settlement amount that it deems fair, and helps obtain the compensation the victim deserves. The firm's lawyers are prepared to take clients' cases to court and fight liable parties who do not negotiate in good faith. Roger Pierce, a partner at the firm, is licensed to practice in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama.

  • Personal Injury

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  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

    The non-emergency phone number of the Tuscaloosa Police Department is 205-349-2121.

  • Is it a requirement to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle in Tuscaloosa?

    It depends on the age of the rider. According to Alabama’s helmet laws, only bicyclists under 16 years old are required to wear a helmet in Tuscaloosa. Any biker 16 years of age and older can ride a bicycle legally without wearing a helmet. However, this does not take away the fact that wearing a helmet, regardless of the rider’s age, can greatly reduce one’s risk of suffering from a serious head or brain injury in the event of an accident.

  • What are the common causes of bicycle accidents in Tuscaloosa?

    Cyclists in Tuscaloosa are faced with many dangers on the road. Among the most common causes of bicycle accidents in the area include:

    • Motorists failing to yield when entering the roadway;
    • Motorists passing by cyclists without maintaining the required distance of at least three feet;
    • Right turn collisions;
    • And, typical road hazards, such as potholes, construction debris, or broken pavement.
  • Can you still recover damages if you are partially at fault for getting injured while riding a bicycle in Tuscaloosa?

    No. Even if you are found to be just the least bit responsible for your bicycle accident in Tuscaloosa, it is highly likely that you won’t get to recover damages anymore since Alabama follows the pure contributory negligence doctrine. This is why it’s important that you hire an experienced bicycle accident lawyer to prove that you are the victim of the accident and that the other party is the only one at-fault.

  • Should you talk to the other party’s insurance company after getting hurt in a Tuscaloosa bicycle accident?

    If the other party and their insurer try to reach you after your bicycle accident in Tuscaloosa, it would be best to be polite with them and provide them with your contact information and the information of your lawyer if you have one. Do not give them any additional details that they can use against you to reduce the amount of your compensation.

  • Is there a deadline for filing a bicycle accident lawsuit in Tuscaloosa?

    Yes. There is a deadline for filing a bicycle lawsuit in Tuscaloosa, which is also referred to as the statute of limitations. According to Alabama laws, bicycle accident victims must bring suit within two years from the date their injury occurred or risk losing the right to collect compensation for their losses.