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1772 Platt Place, Montgomery, AL 36117

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Donnie Riggins, Attorney at Law, LLC, handles the dog bite cases of the residents of Montgomery. It seeks damages against irresponsible dog owners who refuse to train and monitor their animals, leading to others' serious injuries or wrongful death. The scope of the firm’s practice extends to product liability and trucking accident matters. It also handles cases of insurance claim denial. Counsel Donnie Riggins is a trial lawyer who focuses his practice on personal injury issues.

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324 Catoma Street, Montgomery, AL 36104

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Jinks Crow is a legal practice that caters to families and individuals in Montgomery. Its team assists and represents car accident victims who have sustained catastrophic injuries as a result of texting and driving while intoxicated. The firm assists plaintiffs with negotiations and settlements, as well as filing claims to seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages. Christina Crow, the managing partner, has been practicing law for more than 25 years. She was the president of the Alabama State Bar from 2019 to 2020.

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2030 Berryhill Rd, Montgomery, AL 36117 Rating

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5.0 (18)
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Floyd Hunter is a legal firm that works with negligence victims in and around Montgomery. It deals with various types of personal injury cases, representing individuals who have been injured due to dog attacks. The practice helps clients file claims against pet owners to recover compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses. It also litigates lawsuits involving medical malpractice and wrongful death. One of the principal partners, Jeffrey Hunter, is an Alabama Association for Justice member.

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  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Montgomery, Alabama?

    To get a hold of the non-emergency dispatch in Montgomery, you can dial 334-241-2651.

  • What are the two primary forms of liability for dog bites in Montgomery?

    In Montgomery, dog bite liability has two main aspects: statutory homeowner liability and homeowner responsibility due to knowing about a dog's aggressive behavior. According to statutory law, if a dog bite happens on a homeowner's property, the owner is responsible for the victim's medical costs, regardless of the dog's history. Moreover, homeowners aware of their dog's aggressive tendencies or past incidents may also be held accountable.

  • How does the tort principle apply to a dog bite injury in Montgomery?

    In a Montgomery dog bite case, the tort principle applies, which pertains to legal concepts like negligence and wantonness. Negligence involves someone not acting reasonably in a situation, causing harm. Wantonness, akin to recklessness, means conscious disregard for others' safety, leading to damage. If a dog has bitten you, you could file a personal injury claim based on the owner's negligence or wantonness.

  • How do you prove liability in Montgomery for a dog bite injury?

    Proving liability for a dog bite injury is crucial in determining who is responsible for the harm. In such cases, the injured person must show that the dog owner acted negligently or is strictly liable. For example, if the dog had a history of aggression and the owner didn't take precautions, they can be held responsible. Experienced attorneys in Montgomery can help gather evidence, like past aggressive incidents and violated laws, to establish negligence or liability on the owner's part.

  • What injuries can you sustain from a dog attack in Montgomery?

    Dog attacks in Montgomery can lead to various injuries, such as lacerations, puncture wounds, broken bones, disfigurement, nerve damage, and, in severe instances, even loss of life. Alongside the physical harm, emotional distress like anxiety, fear, and depression can also result from these incidents. These emotional injuries hold substantial weight and are eligible for compensation through legal channels. Swift medical attention is essential after a dog bite, as injuries can deteriorate or become infected without proper treatment.

  • How do you handle a dog bite incident in Montgomery?

    In Montgomery, if you're involved in a dog bite incident, the initial step is to seek medical care to prevent infections or complications promptly. Following this, contacting law enforcement's animal control unit is crucial. Reporting the incident and verifying the dog's vaccination status is essential. If feasible, take pictures of your injuries, which can serve as evidence for your claim, demonstrate injury severity, and document the healing progression.