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Painting And Drawing Lessons FAQs

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Art Zone logo

Art Zone

Birmingham, AL 35226
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Art Zone provides art classes to students in the Birmingham area. Art Zone is owned by Svetlana Belotserkovskaya, an accomplished visual artist who discovered her passion and talent when she was a very young girl in her native Russia. Ms. Belotserkovskaya developed her ability by obtaining an art degree, working professionally after graduating, and creating portraits of people, and her portfolio features paintings, drawings, caricatures, and murals. Ms. Belotserkovskaya has participated in various art shows in the United States, and she has been teaching children and adults for more than 15 years. Art Zone provides customized instruction to suit each student’s creative aspirations and needs and offers a positive and nurturing atmosphere that hones the learners’ ability and develops their self-esteem. Ms. Belotserkovskaya can grace private parties and events that enable guests to express their ideas and thoughts on canvas.

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Forstall Art Center logo

Forstall Art Center

Birmingham, AL 35203
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Forstall Art Center is a gallery and learning facility in Birmingham that gives lessons in painting, drawing, and other disciplines. The team welcomes individuals of any age and ability level, and the styles include abstracts, landscapes, and impressionism using acrylic, watercolor, and other mediums. Forstall Art Center is a member of the International Art Materials Trade Association. Forstall Art Center is a member of the International Art Materials Trade Association, and it sells supplies for teachers, students, and anyone who wants to express themselves through visual works. The company also provides custom framing, and it offers a working studio, exhibit space, and party venue. The shop sells gift cards that enable people to share the joy of creative expression with their loved ones.

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Jayne Morgan Art logo

Jayne Morgan Art

Bluff Park, AL 35226
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Jayne Morgan Art is a studio in Bluff Park that offers painting and drawing classes in one-on-one and group settings. The artist and shop namesake, Ms. Morgan, has a particular interest in depicting honey bears, although she will allow her students to pick their subject and create its image on canvas. The learning facility sits in an old schoolhouse, and it provides a fun and supportive atmosphere for individuals of any age and ability level. Jayne Morgan Art sells original works, and it can ship the products outside of Alabama. The company website features some of the gallery items, as well as activity photos, and it contains the class policy and current rates.

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Party Art Studio logo

Party Art Studio

Pelham, AL 35080
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Party Art Studio is a provider of fun learning experiences in Pelham. The company offers painting and drawing lessons to adults and children, and the program allows them to develop their talent, express themselves visually, and socialize. The calendar allows open classes, where people can make new friends, and it also accommodates bookings for birthday parties, corporate functions, and fundraisers. Party Art Studio has an online appointment page, and its website contains ideas on hosting an event that gets everybody’s creative juices flowing. Clients can call the staff to know more about the shop’s policies and rates.

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Red Dot Gallery logo

Red Dot Gallery

Birmingham, AL 35209
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Red Dot Gallery is an art center in Birmingham that acts as an exhibit hall, working studio, and venue for drawing, painting, and pottery sculpture classes. The company has been welcoming enthusiasts and serious learners for more than 10 years, and the owners are themselves professional creatives with more than 20 years of experience as artists and mentors. The teachers provide individualized instruction, and they also offer art history courses that enable individuals to appreciate ancient and modern works in the Western culture. Red Dot Gallery has original items available for purchase, and it sells gift certificates that allow people to share the joys of visual expression with their family, friends, and colleagues. The staff takes cash, check, and credit card payments.

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Space One Eleven Arts Center logo

Space One Eleven Arts Center

2409 2nd Ave. N., Birmingham, AL 35203
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Space One Eleven Arts Center is a non-profit visual arts organization that offers drawing and painting lessons for clients in Birmingham. Its mission is to offer professional opportunities to artists, help the public understand contemporary art, and provide arts education to the youth by providing art classes and programs and fostering public conversation. Its professional artists conduct art education classes that serve a wide range of art learners, from 2nd graders to adults. Space One Eleven was founded in 1986.

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Thomas Andrew Findlay logo

Thomas Andrew Findlay

Birmingham, AL 35005
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Thomas Andrew Findlay is a fine artist who offers painting and drawing lessons to residents of Birmingham. Thomas offers artistic activities that include a private paint party for adults, team painting activities, and summer art camps for children to learn the life and styles of artists, such as Bob Ross, Jackson Pollock, and Pablo Picasso. He has been a professional fine artist since 2004, and his artwork has been collected by private collectors and corporations. Thomas also has a working studio in Homewood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are art lessons worth it?

A: Art lessons are worth it to some people and not to others. It’s recommended to try drawing or painting on your own before you pursue lessons. If you find you enjoy doing it at home and want to develop your skills, art lessons are a valuable investment.

Q: Is painting an expensive hobby?

A: Painting may feel like an expensive hobby in the beginning when you need to buy all the start-up materials and equipment. However, once you have the start-up costs down, the hobby is relatively inexpensive to maintain. Additionally, if you become skilled enough, you can sell your paintings and recoup some of your costs.

Q: What should I paint as a beginner?

A: Most beginners can benefit from painting objects or concepts that aren’t too complex and detailed. Some of the most popular painting concepts for beginners are:

  • Flowers
  • Silhouettes
  • Still life
  • 3D shapes
  • Clever lines
  • Abstract
However, note that artists enjoy themselves when they get to dictate what they want to paint. Remember, you’re painting for yourself, so paint what you want!

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